Weekly Agenda: Nov 10 – 14th 2015

Dude, have you looked at our calendar? The next few weeks fucking rip. Chicago is not yet content to succumb to the lure of carbs, chenille socks, and clicking “Continue Playing” on Netflix over and over.

Tuesday, November 10th

Free Pizza, Radio Shaq, Bloom, Glamour Hotline
I’m really digging on Spooky Cool Girls, an EP Glamour Hotline just uploaded to Soundcloud like 5 days ago.

Carrie” tells a tale of girl-on-girl longing, idolization & lust. “She is a rebel queen, everyone’s favorite thing,” Hayley Jordanna sings, self-consciously evoking Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl – again in the lines “I wanna be just like you, wanna do the things that you do.” I’m pretty sure the song’s protagonist also wants to follow Carrie home and try on her clothes. There’s a touch more envy & inadequacy than was cool to share in the ra-ra-riot days; despite the complete lack of sound similarity, it reminded me of the subject matter of Babydoll, Sweet Spirit’s ode to being the girl picked last.

Jordanna’s voice, along with Alex Lukawski and drummer Riley Cavanaugh, warps it’s way around tremulous vulnerabilities, sasses, flirts, and cheerleader-chants. Some the multi-singer back-n-forth & “fuck it, we’re just gonna squeal and swear at you through the mic” vocal styles remind me of Blatz, which is actually a SUPER high compliment from me. That being said, all their songs are mad catchy and SK8R basically sounds like the dream soundtrack to Skate Bitches.
Wally World
$5 / 21+ / byob or cheap bar

BOYTOY, Shah Jahan
BOYTOY has the sunny stoner patina and pure pop tones that seem to be de rigueur in bright young Brooklyn (and Echo Park) bands these days, but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the effect.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave
Tue, November 10, 9pm / $5, 21+

Beat Drun Juel, Glyders, Ko, Slayerkitty
Not only can you RSVP here for free beer and tokens, the whole night benefits Girls Rock! Chicago, AND it’s free. Best deal in town.
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
Tue, November 10, 8pm / 21+ / free

Wednesday, November 11th

Vånna Inget, Slopsink
Vanna Inget brought their stormy post-punk/dark pop all the way from Sweden so you will go to both shows, damn it.
Logan Hardware Records, 2532 W Fullerton Ave
Wed, November 11, 7pm/ free / aa / show after at Liar’s Club

Vånna Inget, Rad Payoff, Autonomy, Mystery Actions
Rad Payoff is a punk band that has a song that involves screaming the line “DON’T SHUT MY DICK IN THE CAR DOOR.” I could say more, but that’s basically all you need to know.
Liar’s Club, 1665 W Fullerton Ave
Wed, November 11, 8pm / 21+

Thursday, November 12th

Pink Eyes, Empty Vessels, Ribbonhead
Dude. I’m fucking into Ribbonhead’s new EP. The intensity is relentless, but varied; rather than a monotone slog through homogenous noise, they know when to play up the feedback-on-Mars fuzz, when to highlight a tricky post-punk riff, and when to let loose with a blasting hardcore squall.
Live Wire Lounge, North Milwaukee Avenue
Thu, November 12, 8pm / 21+ / $5

Eight Bit Tiger, Glass Lux
Glass Lux is a Italo Disco informed synth-pop duo that performs with trippy 3D visuals. Should be fun.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave
Thu, November 12, 9pm

Friday, November 13th

Bleach Party, MAMA, Soddy Daisy, The Baby Magic, Rat Hammer
This is the LAST AUXILIARY ART CENTER SHOW EVER, y’all. I think I’m going to cry a little. There’s gonna be tapes of that awesome mix streaming above, so bring some extra cash.
Auxiliary Art Center, 3012 W Belmont Ave
Fri, November 13, 7pm / $7 donation

Uh Bones, The Evictions, Son of a Gun
These fucking guys.
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
Fri, November 13, 9pm / 21+ / free

Rob Threezy, Gel Set, Aerial Drones, Holy Family
Deadpan, deadspace, disaffected vocals echo over bouncing, clip-clopping synth beats; Gel Set’s tone is as mournful and pervertedly futuristic as the cult classic Liquid Sky.

Holy Family is one of the new projects coming out of Rectal Hygienics. I’m just hoping it’s not the one who wrote their deeply shitty lyrics.
Archer Beach Haus
Fri, November 13, 10pm

Saturday, November 14th

Vånna Inget, The Rubs, BLOOM, The Obleeks
These Swedes again!
Club Soda
Sat, November 14, 8pm

As always, there’s a billion more shows on our calendar.

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Weekly Agenda: Aug 24th – 29th: Announcements! Housekeeping! Shows!

There’s a lot going on in my life right now that may or may not effect Store Brand Soda, so bear with me while I get some announcements out of the way, and I’ll move on to a list of all the shows happening this week.

First off, despite the fact that Lorena Cupcake is my legal name and I’ve provided them with my State ID, Name Change Amendment, and a bank statement, Facebook has locked my account out for not complying with their Real Name Policy. Facebook, and the huge network of musicians and DIY punks I’m friends with there, is unfortunately a huge part of how I collect information about shows for Store Brand Soda. It’s also a big part of how I promote the site. If I never get back into my account, I’m honestly not sure how I’m supposed to keep doing SBS.

If you feel like contacting Facebook, referencing Case #967503016650293, and letting them know that Lorena Cupcake is the name you know me by, I would really appreciate it. You can also bug them on Twitter. In the meantime, you can always email me about your upcoming album release show or whatever.

One last piece of business: I start a new job today as the Social Media and Marketing Assistant for Do 312. Much like I do here, I’m going to be writing about events, music, parties, and festivals in a way that hopefully makes you want to put on your flyest outfit and go rage. If you want to keep up with my work there, you can follow Do 312 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also come hang out with me at our 5th birthday party on Sunday. Absolutely Not is playing!

Between getting locked out of Facebook and starting a brand new job, Store Brand Soda has to go on the backburner for me right now. I’m hoping this is a temporary hiatus; I’m going to try to keep the calendar updated, and I have a few posts already drafted.

Monday, August 24th

Animal City, State Champion, Today’s Hits
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Mon, August 24, 8pm / $8 / 17+

The Limbs, Bad Bad Meow, Ross W Berman IV
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Mon, August 24, 8pm / 21+ / free

The Peekaboos, The Avantist, Evasive Backflip
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue,
Mon, August 24, 9pm / 21+ / $5

Big Pussy, Nice Guys, Lil Tits, Radio Shaq, Georgia O’Queef
I LOVE HOW IMMATURE AND HILARIOUS ALL THE BAND NAMES IN THIS LINE-UP ARE. I’M NOT EVEN BEING SARCASTIC, I REALLY LOVE THAT THEY’RE ALL PLAYING TOGETHER. Also, I recently saw Georgia O’Queef play for the first time and they’re rad; super fast grindy thrash metal. Into it.
Wally World
Mon, August 24, 9:05pm / $5 / 21+ to drink / BYOB or cheap bar

Autonomy, No More Dead Girls, Brickfight
Hardcord, dudes. Autonomy is Ray from No Friends‘ band.
Liar’s Club, 1665 West Fullerton Avenue
Mon, August 24, 10pm / $5 donation / 21+

Tuesday, August 25th

The Vaccines, Power Haunts
One for the old punks (who hopped on tickets in time).
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport
Tue, August 25, 8pm / SOLD OUT / $20 / $23

The Gnar Wave Rangers,MTVGhosts, The Cell Phones, The Jollys
Schubas has been doing these free all-local line-ups lately, and I’m down. The Cellphones have super dark vibes and The Jollys are all good dudes.
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Tue, August 25, 8pm / free / 18+

Whitney, Joe Bordenaro, Lionlimb
My first impression of Whitney was “falsetto, white boy r-n-b.” After a few more songs and a few more beers, I generously revised this to “orchestral, park stroll pop.” With their ex-Smith-Westerns pedigree, they’re destined for popularity, if not greatness.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
Tue, August 25, 9pm / $5 / 21+

Wednesday, August 26th

Donkey Hotel, Psychic Nurse, Monica Laplante, Murder Shoes
Burlington, 3425 West Fullerton Avenue
Wed, August 26, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Thursday, August 27th

Ego, Grosse Pointe
I can’t figure out if this they actually card for these free shows at The Virgin Hotel or what – I only remember being carded at the bar last time I was there. If you’re a minor and you get into this without any issues, hit me up.
Virgin Hotels Chicago, 203 North Wabash Avenue, 25th floor
Thu, August 27, 6pm / 21+ to drink / free

Heaters, Ranch Ghost, Spike & The Sweet Spots, Glyders
I suppose Ranch Ghost makes more sense to interpret as a ghost that haunts a ranch, but I love picturing a floating, haunting glob of ranch dressing.
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Thu, August 27, 8pm / $10 / 17+

Slushy, Midriffs, Dinoczar, Beer the Band
I feel weird about putting the address for this up, but they have it public on the Facebook event, so whatever. Email me if you want it taken down.
Hobo Spaceship, 3144 W Carroll Ave #2H
Thu, August 27, 8pm / free

Bike Cops, Natural Causes, Strawberry Jacuzzi, Sweepyheads
Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton
Thu, August 27, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Friday, August 28th

Younger Lovers, Black Bandits and the Stickups, Moor Mother Goddess, Bruised, Tigress, Crude Humor, Novatore, Tensions, Xille Xille Xille
This is part of Black & Brown Punk show, which I previously wrote about here! For me, the highlight of the line-up is sassy Oakland queercore party poppers Younger Lovers, who are fronted by the hilarious writer and performer Brontez Purnell. Check out his recent comic The Cruising Diaries, which is full of hilarious (and hilariously gross) stories of anonymous casual sex.
Chicago Women In Trade, 2444 W 16th St, #16
Fri, August 28, 4:30pm / sober event / AA / $15

Glamour Hotline, Not 4 U, Wad, Belly Belt
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
Pinky Swear
Fri, August 28, 8pm / bring $ for donation

Den, Rumores, Cracked Vessel
From our most recent Show Horoscope: Whoa, super loud noise punk and free donuts…in the middle of the day…in a library?!?!? I REALLY LOVE THIS CITY SOMETIMES, Y’ALL. This show is open to everyone, but the organizers have made sure to note that teenagers, who often don’t have access to shows like this, are extra welcome. The library is also fully accessible for those who use mobility devices; you can read a lot more about the importance of accessibility at music venues over at Is This Venue Accessible.
West Town Public Library, 1625 West Chicago Avenue
1:30pm at Sat, August 29 / AA / donations for bands appreciated

Lala Lala, KO
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
saki, 3716 West Fullerton Avenue
Sat, August 29, 4pm / free / AA

Saturday, August 29th

Kris de la Rash, Aye Nako, L(a)kras, The Breathing Light, Ono, La Armada, Through and Through, The Kominas, Cabrona, R-Tronika
ChiTown Futbol, 2255 South Throop Street
Sat, August 29, 5pm / 21+ to drink, must have ID, no BYOB / $15 / AA

Impulsive Hearts, Croquet, Not For You
Burlington Bar 3425 W Fullerton
Sat, August 29, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Black Lips, Grosse Pointe
The Black Lips are also playing Sunday at Chicago Fashion Fest! Their website sucks so I couldn’t figure out enough detail to put it on the calendar, figure it out yourselves.
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / 17+ / $20

Burning Ponies, Bubbles Brown, The Holy Motors
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / $10 / 21+

Sueves, Ballroom, Eyes of Satan
Cole’s Bar, 2338 North Milwaukee Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / free / 21+

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Weekly Agenda: Fests & Instores Galore

We received a lot of responses to a recent article we published, many so vitriolic, injurious and unproductive that we didn’t see fit to respond to them or publish them.

There are people out there who still think punk is about senseless aggression, about mayhem and violence. Hidden behind a computer, they’ll tell you that they’re still 77 as fuck, that stinky leather is their second skin, that they are fully prepared to die in a knife fight at every show and if you aren’t you should just stay home.

These are not the people we created Store Brand Soda for. We update our calendar, explore and find new music, and write about culture all while thinking about a different sort of person.

Everyone who doesn’t go to shows anymore because you don’t feel safe, or to everyone who coordinates with friends so you don’t have to walk to and from the train alone: we do it for you.

Everyone who struggles with anxiety, back against crumbling brick, shaking wrist spilling warm High Life in a room full of low lifes: we do it for you.

Everyone who doesn’t go to shows as much any more due to age, children, or physical ability, but who still loves music, supports it, and might go to an early instore if you manage to hear about it: we do it for you.

Everyone who has ever had your credibility questioned, who has had to fight to be taken seriously, who has been dismissed and criticized due to swift-moving undercurrents of sexism, racism, and transphobia most punks refuse to even acknowledge: your experience is valid and real, we’ve been there too, and we do what we do for you.

Everyone who works in the shadows, running zine distros and booking shows and scuttling around doing sound and cleaning 400 half-drunk beers out of your basement the day after a show, we see you. Not everyone can be in the spotlight all the time, and we think everything you do is just as important, maybe more so, than standing on a stage with a bass in your hands.

Staying strong in the face of so much opposition is punk as fuck. Struggling and fighting to be part of what you love is punk as fuck.

We wrote this weekly agenda with you in mind. While you’re filling out your Hello Kitty datebook with rad shows to see, why not listen to this podcast interview with Jenna Pup of +HIRS+? Learn about gender and sexuality, substance abuse and suicide, and the Philly underground scene from a member of a super rad trans queer grindcore band (who you’ll get a chance to see this summer at Fed Up Fest).

Tuesday, May 12th

Daikaiju, Space Blood, Kinda Good
Beat Kitchen, 2100 West Belmont Avenue
8pm / free with RSVP / $5 / 17+

Le Tour, Penicillin Baby, Bad Bad Meow
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave
9pm / $5 / 21+

Strawberry Jacuzzi, Gnar Wave Rangers, KO, Il Soffitto
Tour kick off for Strawberry J!
The Mutiny, 2428 North Western Avenue
free / 21+

Wednesday, May 13th

Caleb Willitz, Gloom Balloon, Christopher the Conquered, Bienart
Gloom Balloon and Christopher the Conquered are two of the nicest, hardest-working, and most fun bands coming out of Iowa right now. If you want to get happy with some sad kids (which is pretty obviously Emily’s MO), stop by this show on Wednesday!
Fizz Bar & Grill, 3220 North Lincoln Avenue
8pm / $6, 21+

Paperhead, LA Witch, Follakvoid, The Holydrug Couple
I really enjoyed this interview with LA Witch.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $5 (limited), $10 (ADV), $12 / 21+

Thursday, May 14th

Lycanthropy, Bloody Phoenix, Cryptic Void, Sick/Tired, xAbruptx
LiveWire Lounge is truly like the weirdest crappiest venue, which is sad because it’s pretty close to my house.
Live Wire Lounge, 3394 North Milwaukee Avenue
8pm / 21+ / $10

Direct Hit!, Brokedowns, Success, Nervous Passenger
Beat Kitchen, 2100 West Belmont Avenue
7:30pm / 17+ / $10

Hollow Mountain, Slushy, Today’s Hits, The Lemons, The Eye Dolls
Premier of Animal Kingdom’s Kelly Nothing’s new project The Eye Dolls.
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 North Milwaukee Avenue
9pm / Free / 21+

Heaters, Uh Bones, Bleach Party
According to SBS co-editor Emily, “Heaters play very surfy psych rock and are fucking perfect to listen to on a boat.”
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
9pm / $8 / $10 / 18+

The Sueves, Flesh Panthers
This is a kickoff pre-party for Blackout Fest.
Virgin Hotels Chicago, 203 North Wabash, 25th Floor
6pm / free / 21+

Jovontaes, Werewheels, Luggage, Communion
The Owl, 2521 North Milwaukee Avenue
10pm / free / 21+

Nak’ay, Gnarly Death, Deterioration, Agitate, Georgia O’Queef
Supposedly starting on time. Also bae says I can’t start a band called “Al’s Italian Queef” because it’s not as funny as Georgia O’Queef but I think there’s enough room in the world for both of us.
The Mousetrap
7pm / $6

Friday, May 15th

Crown Larks, Daymaker, Longface, Forget the Times, Yeesh
ECO, 2042 w. 21st St

Burning Palms, The Bingers, American Breakfast
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 North Milwaukee Avenue
9pm / free / 21+

Real Kids, Cozy, Platinum Boys, MAMA
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / Hozac Blackout Fest / 21+ / $20

Saturday, May 16th

Nones, Mac Blackout Band
Nones are super weird skronk and Mac Blackout is a psych punk freakout. Peanut butter and jelly. Also, Rob is a great photographer and Mark is an amazing artist, go check their work out.
saki, 3716 West Fullerton Avenue
4pm / Rob Karlic & Mac Blackout Art Show / free / AA

Mako Sica, Daniel Wyche, onYou
Permanent Records, 1914 West Chicago Avenue
5pm / free / aa / byob

Indonesian Junk, The Gnar Wave Rangers, Baby Money, DEN, MTVGhosts, The Baby Magic, The Liqs
Super fun indie fest times with dual venue ping-ponging!
Auxiliary Art Center (3012 West Belmont Avenue) & Reed’s Local ( 3017 W Belmont Ave)
7pm / Arts-n-Drafts Fest / $10 for a wristband that gets you into both venues / 21+

Absolutely Not, The Cellphones, Dumplings, Ego
the flowershop
8pm / $5

The Avengers, Sweet Knives, Nervosas, THING, Gross Pointe
If you missed it, we brought up our reservations about endorsing a Nervosas show and Mickey from Nervosas responded.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / Hozac Blackout Fest / 21+ / $20

Evasive Backflip, Hammell On Trial, Nnamdi’s SDSSP, Petty Crimes, & Il Soffito
Young Camelot
9pm / 18+ to attend / 21+ to drink / $5

The Treasure Fleet, Roach Beach
Beat Kitchen, 2100 West Belmont Avenue
10:30pm / 21+ / free

ONO, Tape Loop Orchestra, Lil Tits, Toupee, TV-MA
University of Chicago Main Quad, 5801 S Ellis Ave
11am / WHPK Summer Breeze

Sunday, May 17th

I always joke that Cozy is “cosplaying that it’s the 70s” and scheduling a “photoshoot and autograph signing” at a local record store goes right along with that.
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles, 3156 West Diversey Avenue
2:00pm / free / AA

Treasure Fleet, Jaime Rojo, Young Marshall
saki, 3716 West Fullerton Avenue
3pm / AA / free

Chui Wan 吹万, Flavor Crystals, Krol Kleks
Chui Wan is all the way from Beijing! You can listen to a live recording of them from The World Underground here!
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave
9pm / 21+ / usually $5-$10

Le Tour, Nest Egg, Potions, Idpyramid
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $5 / 21+

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Weekly Agenda: Jan 20th – 24th: Are You Goth or Are You Glam?

Tuesday, January 20th

Get Up With The Get Downs
Super fun James Brown cover band, complete with a full horn section and a bunch of really great dudes. This seems like a nice generic date to take an OK Cupid boo or Tindr match to, but really, do you want to date anyone who wouldn’t accompany you to a drone show in an unheated basement in Pilsen? Nah.
High-Hat Club 1920 W Irving Park Rd
9pm / 21+

Lamp, The Symposium, mtvghosts, Strange Faces
You still have a few hours left to RSVP for free for a bunch of local weirdo pop.
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP / 21+

Slushy, Yeowulf, American Breakfast
Nod along to lofi pop, woogie to female-fronted garage, finally beat your personal record in Ms. Pac-Man.
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
9pm / $2 / 21+

Wednesday, January 21th

Pharmakon, Oozing Wound, Death Factory
I think there’s like 500 people RSVP’d to this so, like, good luck. And you thought the “four thirty on a normal Friday” Owl was a shitshow.
The Owl, 2521 North Milwaukee Avenue
10pm / Free / 21+

Thursday, January 22th

Bloom, Gnar Wave Rangers, Rathammer
According to Noisey Rathammer is one of the best punk bands in Chicago? I know we all hated that article, but whatever, Rathammer are indeed rad. And you can go get a bougie tiki drink next door after shows at Bric-a-Brac now!
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles, 3156 West Diversey Avenue
5pm / Free / AA / BYOB

Negative Scanner, Weird Science, Soddy Daisy
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP, 21+

Friday, January 23th

Carbonleak, Melkbelly, Harebrain, Amanda X
The Friendzone
7pm / $5 / BYOB /message admin for address

Oscillator Bug, Absolutely Not, Mr Ma’am
Queer rock-n-roll weirdo pop vibes forever, y’all.
Door #3 (Double Door Bsmt), 1572 North Milwaukee Avenue
8:30pm / $5 / 21+

Destroy Everything, Liquor Beats Winter, Bill Ura Dik, Mandatory Abortions
Punk punk punk punk, like, the Elmer’s Glue in the hair and forty pound studded leather jacket kind.
Liar’s Club, 1665 West Fullerton Avenue
9pm / 21+

Gnar Wave Rangers, Soddy Daisy, Perfume
They had me at “Goth vs Glam Birthday Party.” I wouldn’t miss this for the world and I am looking forward to busting out the black lipstick. Did you know that you can spill beer all over a latex dress and not get wet? Now you do.
Young Camelot
9pm /donate for bands / $2 beer/wine donation / costume party

Blizzard Babies, Son of a Gun, Fake Limbs, and Bleach Party
All four of these bands are totally awesome and the show is free and Son of a Gun is releasing a tape so yeah, you should probably leave the house, grandma.
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
10pm / Free / 21+

Saturday, January 24th

Fake Limbs, Rad Payoff, Gnar Wave Rangers, Jolly Korea
the flowershop
$5 / don’t be a dick

Gula Gila, The Gold Web, Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar, Daymaker
Wow. What…what is going on with that band name. You know which one. Wow.
Eco, 2042 W 21st Street

Yeesh, Den, Swimsuit Addition
This is a particularly stacked lineup for Quenchers, which is a chill spot and cheap as fuck!
Quenchers Saloon, 2401 North Western Avenue
9pm / 21+ / $7

Dust Bunnies, Hanging Gardens, Savage Sister
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
10pm / Free / 21+

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Weekly Agenda: Party with a Pizza in the Pit

“All ages punk show in a pizza parlor” sounds like a fantasy scenario that’s too good to be true, like “velour waterbed full of corgi puppies” or “looping river you can tube down forever with a magic cooler that never runs out of beer.” Unlike the second two fantasies, however, the all ages show actually exists. Big Tony’s Pizza on Fullerton at Spaulding has a big back room with a stage, and they’re experimenting with holding punk shows.

If this is something you’d like to see happen on a regular basis, the best way you can show your support is to turn up and turn out! Let’s show them we’re not all a bunch of scumbags; respect the space. Don’t sneak in booze, don’t smoke two inches outside the front door, don’t wreck the room or leave trash everywhere, and if you see some little baby punks who need guidance in Being Chill, pass down your hard-earned lessons. Bonus points if you manage to crowd-surf while eating a hot slice.

Wednesday, January 7th

Homewrecker, Modern Pain, Dress Code, Paranoid Chant, Hate Force
I don’t wanna be no personal pizza, I just wanna live my life…
Big Tony’s Pizza, 3276 W Fullerton Ave
8pm / AA / $10

Uh Bones, Paul Cherry, Todayshits
Lofi slacker pop overdose, bruh. Free records for the first few who arrive.
East Room, 2828 West Medill Avenue
10pm / 21+ / Free

Friday, January 9th

Mal Intent, La Armada, From the Chest, Ox King, Bitter Thoughts, Heavy Down
Chicago Hardcore Showcase.
Beat Kitchen, 2100 West Belmont Avenue
7pm / $8 advance /$10 at door / 17+ to attend / 21+ to drink

Youth Funeral, Itto, Lord Snow, Torture Love
Mousetrap runs on super punk time and there’s nothing to do in the neighborhood, so show up late or you’re gonna be freezing outside / in an empty basement with a sound dude staring at you.
The Mousetrap
email nzaglaras@gmail.com for address
7pm / $5


Forced Into Femininity, Haki, Logorrhea, Garbage Friends, Daymaker
This is a record release show for Haki!
Pith House
9pm / Donation

Heaters, Wet Socks, Son of a Gun, Spike and the Sweet Spots
One of the dudes from Son of a Gun used to pick up the mail from a place I worked at. Sometimes we’d be late getting it ready for him and he’d regale us with tales of doing acid or whatever while he waited. Nice dudes.
Wally World
9:05pm / byob / cheap bar / donate

Saturday, January 10th

Bleach Party, The Bingers, The Uglies, The Jollys
Celebrate the release of Bleach Party & The Bingers split tape on Dumpster Tapes! And the Jollys either just came back from tour or are about to go on tour, I dunno, but hug them goodbye/hello/nice2meetcha.
The Dandelion
9pm / Free / BYOB / FB message for address

Unmanned Ship (7″ Release), House Sounds, Vamos!, AM Stations (cassette release)
Go RSVP now or you deserve to spend Grandma’s Christmas check at the door.
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP / 21+

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Weekly Agenda: December 16th – 20th: Bail me out, here

Ezra Rabin, of the Bay Area queercore band The Younger Lovers, has been released from jail! He was arrested December 13, 2014 during an anti-police demonstration in Oakland, CA. Known throughout the community for his work with Food Not Bombs and mural artwork, he drew lots of support for his bail fund and is back in the arms of friends.

If you’d like to support the bail funds of folks closer to home here in Chicago, please consider donating to free David “Iggy” Rucker, Alfredo Reyes, and Derrick Wince. Iggy and Alfredo were arrested at the #MillionMarchChi demonstration on Saturday Dec. 13; Iggy was badly beaten by police. Derrick was arrested and beaten after the police broke up a memorial vigil for Desean Pittman, a Chatham youth who was fatally shot by CPD.

dumpster tapes

In other, more trivial news: Dumpster Tapes is dropping a new compilation of the best local punk, garage, psych and surf. 25 tracks of homegrown rock’n’roll weirdness on your favorite lofi format in their largest run ever, a whopping 250 tapes.

Tuesday, December 16th

Unmanned Ship Live Jam Recording Session
Maximum Pelt is going to be recording Unmanned Ship for a limited edition cassette that they’ll be releasing in conjunction with a new 7″. Come kick back with a six-pack and contribute to the live vibe. If you can’t make it, make sure to get your RSVP in for the 7″ release show with fellow Wally’s favorites Vamos! and AM Stations.
Wally’s World
7pm / Free / Bring some beers

Mac Blackout Band, Fake Surfers, Potatoes
Local weirdo jazz punks and two touring bands from Detroit, all in the Burlington’s stinky womb.
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave
9pm / 21+

Wednesday, December 17th

SlayerKitty, Deadbeat, Regular Fucked Up People
Everybody’s favorite twee doom two piece (ok, you caught us, they’re the only twee doom two piece) brings their pink-pawed sludge to the Mutiny.
The Mutiny, 2428 North Western Avenue
9pm / Free / 21+

Velocicopter, Rat Hammer, Jolly Korea
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $5 / 21+

Friday, December 19th

Yoko & The Oh Nos, The Boxers, MTVGhosts, 521 Briar
All ages? Wowee Zowie.
Martyrs’, 3855 N Lincoln Ave
9pm / AA

Tinkerbelles, Space Blood, Game Genie, Bow&Spear
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave
9pm / 21+

The Sky We Scrape, Rapids, In Exile, Bagheera
Quenchers Saloon, 2401 North Western Avenue
9pm / 21+ / $8

JD’s Revenge, Foul Tip, Orbit’s Tears, McFabulous
Multikulti, 1000 North Milwaukee Avenue

Saturday, December 20th

MAMA, Haki, The Sueves, Mac Blackout
The legend continues as this DIY house throws a very special holiday party with a very secret guest.
Young Camelot

The Brokedowns, Meat Wave, Rad Payoff, The Usuals
Heads up – we usually only do show listings for Chicago, but this show takes place in Elgin, a city I’m mostly familar with due to it’s proximity to the fictional town Lanford on the show Roseanne.
Dutch Inn West Inc, 36W610 Foothill Rd, Elgin, Illinois
8pm / $6 / 21+

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Weekly Agenda: October 15th – October 18th: Tuff Meat

I bought myself tickets to the King Tuff + OBNIIIs shows as soon as they were announced, months before the new King Tuff record Black Moon Spell came out or everyone heard about the shake-ups in OBN-ville, so I’m pretty stoked about this week. I’m gonna party at those shows and then get the fuck outta Chicago for a trip to House on the Rock’s annual Halloween exhibit, Haunted House on the Rock, with Store Brand Soda co-founder Hotdish Ramone.

Don’t be mad, though; we’re not abandoning you to your own little pop punk devices. We’ve put together plenty for everyone staying in Chicago to do this weekend, including an impressive array of DIY shows + instores for those of you looking to save a little money or skate by with an expired driver’s license.


Slushy, Sneaky Creeps, Earring, Vaguewaves
Wally World
9:05pm / 21+ / Don’t be a jerk or smoke inside

Eye Vybe DJ Night
Karissa of Eye Vybe Records will be spinning some hard-hitting noise rock, psych punk, biker lounge, deep space, and power rawk.
The Owl
2521 N Milwaukee
21+ / Free


Ultimate Painting, Negative Scanner
Permanent Records
1914 W Chicago Ave,
Chicago, IL 60622
6pm / BYOB / AA

King Tuff, Cassie Ramone, The Lemons
How are you guys feeling the new King Tuff? At first I was like “whoa, this is super overproduced; since when are there layered vocals and female backup singers on a King Tuff record?” But on subsequent listens, I decided that lofi freak-folk is overrated and I’m kind of digging the overblown T. Rex rock-n-rollness of the whole thing.
2011 W North Ave
17+ / $15


Vamos, Meatbodies
Last time I saw Meatbodies was at The Burlington. Instead of the stinky concrete bunker of a back room they played right inside the door, lit by a single heavy duty construction flashlight, against wallpaper patterned like the woods. It was incredibly loud and intimate and the drummer had a cool thrash metal thing going. My girlfriend at the time bought me a shirt that I have since lost.
Permanent Records
1914 W Chicago Ave,
Chicago, IL 60622
6pm / BYOB / AA

Bric-a-Brac Records
3156 W Diversey, Chicago IL
5:30 / BYOB / AA

Peekaboos, Bad Bad Meow, Glad Rags, Elusive Backflip
1000 North Milwaukee Avenue
21+ / $7

Unmanned Ship, Beth Israel, Mumblr, Vamos
Wally World
9:05pm / Donations

OBNIIIs, Meatbodies, Hunters
Word is that Austin’s Orville Bateman Neeley III kicked everybody out of the band and it’s a whole new line-up and a whole new sound and they’re not going to play any of their old songs so don’t ask? We’ll see, I guess.
The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave
21+ / $10


Gringo Starr, Slushy, Juicy James
Juicy James is one of the many pseudonyms of James from The Lemons/Todayshits/etc, who wrote the song I get in my head whenever I eat pizza for the fifth time in a week (“every day I eat ya, pizza, pizza, pizza.”)
Bric-a-Brac Records
3156 W Diversey, Chicago IL
4:00pm / BYOB / AA

Apache Dropout, The Sueves, Son of a Gun
Apache Dropout has a song about Archie (like, the redhead from Riverdale) as the leader of an undead army of zombies, so that’s pretty much all you need to know about them.
Cole’s Bar
2338 N Milwaukee Ave
Free / 21+

Van Buren, The Flaccids, Ezra Furman, Bloodhype, Bricklayers Foundation
Help Fury Frat House raise money to repair their PA and soundproof their basement!
Fury Frat House
Armitage+Whipple / Ask a Punk / Donations

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WEEKLY AGENDA: Tuesday 8/27 to Saturday 8/30

You guys, I don’t know how to feel about Door #3, the faux-DIY venue beneath Double Door. On one hand, it’s nice to see shows in a low-key atmosphere with cans of cheap beer that doesn’t smell like dirty feet soaking in a festering Blatz swamp. On the other hand, it’s fucked up for a major douchebag Wicker Park venue to co-opt DIY aesthetics and integrity. Should we go see Slushy, The Jollys, and Grosse Pointe there on Thursday anyway? Which do we care about more, punk rock purity or having a fun time? THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS AND YOUR AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK INSIDE

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Best New Music Blogger of 2015

We’re incredibly proud to announce that our very own Cupcake was named Best New Music Blogger of 2015 by The Chicago Reader. Music editor Philip Montoro had these kind words to say:

Friendly, playful, and no-bullshit, Cupcake’s posts use a dirt-under-the-fingernails familiarity with Chicago underground rock to convey unpretentious, all-aboard enthusiasm rather than clubhouse exclusivity: “Dem Platinum Boys sound like the kind of old school butt rock that you listen to on a shitty radio in your back yard while drinking Miller Lite in a kiddie pool,” to quote a recent example. Periodic “Show Horoscope” roundups categorize concerts according to imagined subtypes of fan (“You’re a Baby Teen,” “For the Basement Dweller,” “You Just Wanna Fucking Party”), but it’s basically all about dirty weirdos banging on guitars.

“I spend hours a week sifting through show listings, writing up show previews, boosting and promoting the work of my friends. I know that’s seen as inherently less valuable than picking up a bass and being in a band,” Cupcake says. “I strongly believe that people who are willing to do behind-the-scenes work are part of what makes the scene work, and I’m totally fine with most of what I do being out of the spotlight.”

Go read the whole article, if you haven’t already. If the Best Of issue brought you here, welcome!

Our tagline is “dumb punk, cold pizza, and cheap pop” and that pretty much sums us up. We cover Chicago’s garage, punk, lofi pop and indie pop scenes, with a huge emphasis on DIY culture.

Most of our articles are show previews. Emily and Cupcake collaborate on Weekly Agenda, which usually lists 7-10 days of every show (that we would theoretically go to) in Chicago. These don’t come out every week; we’re not paid enough for that.

To cover the gaps, Cupcake writes Your Show Horoscope, which takes aspects of your personality and musical taste and predicts the best shows for you to see in the next month or so. They’re pretty fun to write, and hopefully to read.

We rarely do show recaps; we mostly want you to see shows yourself, not just look at photos some annoying guy with a giant camera took. However, Emily’s Annual SXSW Recaps are hilarious (and usually a good preview of the coming year’s buzz bands), and our post about going to Milwaukee to see Frankie Teardrop, Peach Kelli Pop, and Sheer Mag is the closest you can come to hanging out with us without actually hanging out with us.

While we’re happy to promote bands that probably can’t afford a decent PR team, we also aim for a deeper view on experiencing live music. Punk isn’t just a genre on Bandcamp; it’s a new lens to use to view the world, one that can illuminate injustices and raise our awareness to solutions. We will, humbly, never stop going in. Some of our most acclaimed articles include:

🍕 The Art is Not The Artist: On Holding Abusers Accountable and Enjoying Problematic Media was Store Brand Soda’s first essay. Cupcake explains their thought process when considering the creative output of an abusive individual, and pours forth conflicted feelings about The Beatles, James Brown, Modest Mouse, Drunkdriver, and Pablo Picasso.

🍕 Why We’re Not Boycotting Indiana is Emily’s response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom bill. Sometimes the proper response to oppression is more nuanced than it seems at first glance.

🍕 Imagining a Safer Space: Building Community and Ending Harassment in Punk is, to date, the most popular article we’ve ever published. It uses the framework of an experience Cupcake had at a bar in Austin to examine the larger issue about how abuse in punk is often tolerated due to a lack of concrete policies and staff training at venues and a lack of social consequences for abusing women and queer people within scenes.

You can submit shows to storebrandsoda@gmail.com. Cupcake freelances, writing about music as well as other issues; you can check out their freelance portfolio and email them if you feel like their writing would be a good fit for your publication.

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