Mean Jeans to Record New Album

My heart barfed when I read on Twitter that Portland party goons Mean Jeans are ready 2 rip on a new album! Could not be more stoked to eventually hear this.

Rumor has it that Dirtnap Records is also going to be releasing all the Mean Jeans singles in one handy vinyl package. I played my “Are You Serious + 5 singles” tape until it literally wore out, so this is good news for me.

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Hollow Mountain Play Friday Night at Cole’s

Local band Hollow Mountain is playing a free show tonight at Cole’s with The Coldies, Red Lion, and Snake Island. After listening to their lackluster, too-lofi-for-even-a-lofi-lover demo I was blown away by their last show. Their sound is much tighter and more raucous, the chemistry between Esther and Steve is palable (it should be, they’re married), and their drummer played in his underwear and literally set the stage on fire. Don’t miss it, and make sure to pick up their upcoming release on Tall Pat Records!

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The Blank Generation

Amos Poe and Ivan Krol made the first punk rock film, a hallucinatory 16mm love letter to early 1970s proto punk with a scrambled soundtrack that captures the candid moments of a movement lost forever to time. The only way you can go to a show at Max’s Kansas City is to pop the worn-out videotape from Odd Obsessions in your VCR and sink yourself into the flickering, black and white dream world. MORE INSIDE

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