Weekly Agenda: Jan 20th – 24th: Are You Goth or Are You Glam?

Tuesday, January 20th

Get Up With The Get Downs
Super fun James Brown cover band, complete with a full horn section and a bunch of really great dudes. This seems like a nice generic date to take an OK Cupid boo or Tindr match to, but really, do you want to date anyone who wouldn’t accompany you to a drone show in an unheated basement in Pilsen? Nah.
High-Hat Club 1920 W Irving Park Rd
9pm / 21+

Lamp, The Symposium, mtvghosts, Strange Faces
You still have a few hours left to RSVP for free for a bunch of local weirdo pop.
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP / 21+

Slushy, Yeowulf, American Breakfast
Nod along to lofi pop, woogie to female-fronted garage, finally beat your personal record in Ms. Pac-Man.
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
9pm / $2 / 21+

Wednesday, January 21th

Pharmakon, Oozing Wound, Death Factory
I think there’s like 500 people RSVP’d to this so, like, good luck. And you thought the “four thirty on a normal Friday” Owl was a shitshow.
The Owl, 2521 North Milwaukee Avenue
10pm / Free / 21+

Thursday, January 22th

Bloom, Gnar Wave Rangers, Rathammer
According to Noisey Rathammer is one of the best punk bands in Chicago? I know we all hated that article, but whatever, Rathammer are indeed rad. And you can go get a bougie tiki drink next door after shows at Bric-a-Brac now!
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles, 3156 West Diversey Avenue
5pm / Free / AA / BYOB

Negative Scanner, Weird Science, Soddy Daisy
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP, 21+

Friday, January 23th

Carbonleak, Melkbelly, Harebrain, Amanda X
The Friendzone
7pm / $5 / BYOB /message admin for address

Oscillator Bug, Absolutely Not, Mr Ma’am
Queer rock-n-roll weirdo pop vibes forever, y’all.
Door #3 (Double Door Bsmt), 1572 North Milwaukee Avenue
8:30pm / $5 / 21+

Destroy Everything, Liquor Beats Winter, Bill Ura Dik, Mandatory Abortions
Punk punk punk punk, like, the Elmer’s Glue in the hair and forty pound studded leather jacket kind.
Liar’s Club, 1665 West Fullerton Avenue
9pm / 21+

Gnar Wave Rangers, Soddy Daisy, Perfume
They had me at “Goth vs Glam Birthday Party.” I wouldn’t miss this for the world and I am looking forward to busting out the black lipstick. Did you know that you can spill beer all over a latex dress and not get wet? Now you do.
Young Camelot
9pm /donate for bands / $2 beer/wine donation / costume party

Blizzard Babies, Son of a Gun, Fake Limbs, and Bleach Party
All four of these bands are totally awesome and the show is free and Son of a Gun is releasing a tape so yeah, you should probably leave the house, grandma.
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
10pm / Free / 21+

Saturday, January 24th

Fake Limbs, Rad Payoff, Gnar Wave Rangers, Jolly Korea
the flowershop
$5 / don’t be a dick

Gula Gila, The Gold Web, Cornstar Farmer’s Market Pornstar Coinstar, Daymaker
Wow. What…what is going on with that band name. You know which one. Wow.
Eco, 2042 W 21st Street

Yeesh, Den, Swimsuit Addition
This is a particularly stacked lineup for Quenchers, which is a chill spot and cheap as fuck!
Quenchers Saloon, 2401 North Western Avenue
9pm / 21+ / $7

Dust Bunnies, Hanging Gardens, Savage Sister
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
10pm / Free / 21+

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Dumpster Babies & Harebrain Play Saki Tomorrow


John Bailey is a weird dude with a weird mustache who makes weird art. Tumid action figures and doe-eyed anime dolls, the denizens of sugar-spiked Saturday morning cartoons, are dipped them into corrosive acid so that their plasticy skins burble and drip, tongues fork, and new eyeballs pop cheerily out of foreheads.


Tomorrow, some of his work is going on display at Saki. Rock-n-roll trash goblins Dumpster Babies are playing the reception, as well as Harebrain. In-stores are the best because they’re early and you can bring your own beer and they’re free, which is ideal for me as a seventy year old grandma who lives off a stipend and has to be in bed watching Gilmore Girls by 10pm. And this one has snacks. SNACKS, Y’ALL.

John Bailey Opening Reception
with Dumpster Babies & Hairbrain
3716 W Fullerton
6pm – 9pm
Free / AA

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Weekly Agenda: Party with a Pizza in the Pit

“All ages punk show in a pizza parlor” sounds like a fantasy scenario that’s too good to be true, like “velour waterbed full of corgi puppies” or “looping river you can tube down forever with a magic cooler that never runs out of beer.” Unlike the second two fantasies, however, the all ages show actually exists. Big Tony’s Pizza on Fullerton at Spaulding has a big back room with a stage, and they’re experimenting with holding punk shows.

If this is something you’d like to see happen on a regular basis, the best way you can show your support is to turn up and turn out! Let’s show them we’re not all a bunch of scumbags; respect the space. Don’t sneak in booze, don’t smoke two inches outside the front door, don’t wreck the room or leave trash everywhere, and if you see some little baby punks who need guidance in Being Chill, pass down your hard-earned lessons. Bonus points if you manage to crowd-surf while eating a hot slice.

Wednesday, January 7th

Homewrecker, Modern Pain, Dress Code, Paranoid Chant, Hate Force
I don’t wanna be no personal pizza, I just wanna live my life…
Big Tony’s Pizza, 3276 W Fullerton Ave
8pm / AA / $10

Uh Bones, Paul Cherry, Todayshits
Lofi slacker pop overdose, bruh. Free records for the first few who arrive.
East Room, 2828 West Medill Avenue
10pm / 21+ / Free

Friday, January 9th

Mal Intent, La Armada, From the Chest, Ox King, Bitter Thoughts, Heavy Down
Chicago Hardcore Showcase.
Beat Kitchen, 2100 West Belmont Avenue
7pm / $8 advance /$10 at door / 17+ to attend / 21+ to drink

Youth Funeral, Itto, Lord Snow, Torture Love
Mousetrap runs on super punk time and there’s nothing to do in the neighborhood, so show up late or you’re gonna be freezing outside / in an empty basement with a sound dude staring at you.
The Mousetrap
email nzaglaras@gmail.com for address
7pm / $5


Forced Into Femininity, Haki, Logorrhea, Garbage Friends, Daymaker
This is a record release show for Haki!
Pith House
9pm / Donation

Heaters, Wet Socks, Son of a Gun, Spike and the Sweet Spots
One of the dudes from Son of a Gun used to pick up the mail from a place I worked at. Sometimes we’d be late getting it ready for him and he’d regale us with tales of doing acid or whatever while he waited. Nice dudes.
Wally World
9:05pm / byob / cheap bar / donate

Saturday, January 10th

Bleach Party, The Bingers, The Uglies, The Jollys
Celebrate the release of Bleach Party & The Bingers split tape on Dumpster Tapes! And the Jollys either just came back from tour or are about to go on tour, I dunno, but hug them goodbye/hello/nice2meetcha.
The Dandelion
9pm / Free / BYOB / FB message for address

Unmanned Ship (7″ Release), House Sounds, Vamos!, AM Stations (cassette release)
Go RSVP now or you deserve to spend Grandma’s Christmas check at the door.
Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9pm / $8 or Free with RSVP / 21+

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