Tuesday Agenda: Billionaire Brooklynite Black Metal

Foul Tip, Frankie Teardrop, The Sueves
Minneapolis rock-n-rollers Frankie Teardrop are cute and sloppy and sing songs with names like “Pizza Lyfestyle” and you should definitely see them at Bric-a-Brac or at The Mutiny today. Two chances! No excuses!
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles
3156 W Diversey Ave
6:00pm / Free / AA

White / Light, Liturgy
What’s more metal than being the grandson of a conservative Republican oil tycoon? Kittens, sunshine, and raindrops on roses, to name a few examples.

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, singer and oil heir, has reunited with the other three musicians behind Liturgy’s debut album for their first tour in years. They’re playing Land & Sea Department, a performance space and music studio owned by the ampersand-obsessed business group behind Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish. The space is like a luxe, soulless warehouse venue with all the reclaimed wood and tattooed bartenders you’d expect to come with all the frozen negroni money. I’m not going to lie, through, it’s kind of nice to encounter bathrooms that clean at a show.
Land & Sea Department
3124 W Carroll
8:00pm / $10 / Tickets

The Sueves, Frankie Teardrop, The Rubs, Supermagical (formerly White Gold)
The Mutiny is the real life version of the bar that the preppy protagonist in an 80s movie accidentally stumbles into, and a bunch of stringy-haired drunks and leather-clad metalheads growl threateningly at him, and then they all end up doing shots and singing songs together. Let’s make that happen tonight.
The Mutiny
2428 North Western Avenue
9:00pm / 21+

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Weekend Agenda: Kegs & Cassettes

Friday, September 26th

Grosse Pointe, Supermagical This kegger house show promises a HELLO KITTY MOON BOUNCE. Seriously. If “kegs of beer” and “Hello Kitty moon bounce” aren’t enough for you: we have absolutely nothing in common. All the same, hopefully performances by garage punks Grosse Pointe and The Band Formerly Known as White Gold (who recently had a run-in with a band with the same name, hence the moniker switch) are enough to sweeten the deal for your miserable, fun-hating heart. Bring $5 for a bottomless solo cup and don’t puke in the moon bounce, jerk.
Ask a Punk for Location
9pm / $5

Hotlips Messiah, Mac Blackout Band, Ufux, Vortex, Potlucks
Township, 2200 North California Avenue
21+ / $5

Chicago Singles Club Presents: Cassettes on Tape, Hollow Mountain, BIGJOY
Once a month, CSC produces an exclusive, original recording and video interview with a different independent Chicago artist. Also once a month, they host a night at Cole’s where some of their faves perform. We’re big Hollow Mountain fans over here at Store Brand Soda, so go check em the fuck out!
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
21+ / free


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Sitting in the Park Forever: Bob Abrahamian Memorial Record Hop this Friday

Earlier this year, soul and music history fans across the country were saddened to hear that Bob Abrahamian of SittingInThePark.com had taken his own life. Bob was a passionate record collector and deejay who was known for his endless knowledge of Chicago South Side soul as well as his kindness. Elderly African-American musicians, forgotten by most and preyed upon by exploitative recording contracts and unscrupulous record collectors, found a friend in Bob; he would pay them fair prices for their collections, track down lost recordings, listen to their life stories, and even help them with practical issues like housing and navigating a new confusing digital world.

Jake Austen (Roctober, Chic-a-go-go, Promontory) wrote a moving and beautiful profile of Abrahamian for the Chicago Reader. After learning that Bob’s family needed funds to properly archive his immense collection of music, photos, interviews, and ephemera, he organized a funky night of soul performances at the Empty Bottle’s sister club in Hyde Park, The Promontory. A $10 donation is requested.

Friday, September 26th – 8pm @ The Promontory
Sitting in the Park Forever: Bob Abrahamian Memorial Record Hop
w/ Windy City Soul Club and appearances by Reggie Torian (The Impressions), Cliff Curry (The Notations), Doug Shorts (Master Plan, Inc), Keni Rightout (Center Stage), Holle Thee Maxwell

Click here for descriptions of the performers, and spit shine your dancing shoes.

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Baby Magic Record Release Tonight with Swimsuit Addition, Lil Tits, and The Cellphones

There was a time when I was going to The Burlington all the time. It was winter, and the proximity to my home cut the navigation of iced-over pot-holes to a necessary minimum. The beer was cheap and the decent local punk bands played damn near every day.

Over time, though, it began wearing on me. The band I came to see would have three terrible openers, all suburban bands who’d invite their friends, screaming drunk college kids who would start inane conversations with me at the bar and leave before the headliner. Breaks between bands would drag to forty minutes. And, perhaps worst of all, the pitch black and damp of the backroom would breed a particular funky smell; the smell of your elementary school cafeteria on a rainy day, all moldering mackintosh coats and sweaty feet in rubber boots.

“Something smells like dirty Cheetos. I think it’s my feet,” the singer of Potty Mouth mused over the mic one night. “No, it always smells like that!” I called back, helpfully.

Sometimes, though, even the darkest, dirtiest dive surprises you. I saw a mind-blowing set by Meatbodies in the front bar a few months ago, a titanic explosion of thrash and squall. And sometimes the line-ups leave no room for error, like tonight’s stellar offerings.

My cute boyfriend, Tom from Dumpster Babies, did the artwork for the new Baby Magic record, so pick up some blood-red vinyl and pat him on the back on a job well done. Chill out with Patrick Cosmos DJ’ing vinyl in the front room. Get carried away on the overwhelming vocals of The Cellphones. Let Lil Tits rip your eardrums out, and lick your wounds to Swimsuit Addition’s darkwave pop. And buy me a beer.

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Pure Joy All-Ages Scavenger Hunt This Sunday

Pure Joy, the all-ages performance space and community center that’s been in the works for several eons now, is hosting a scavenger hunt to benefit the space. Throw a little cash into their coffers and compete for fabulous punk rock prize packs this Sunday at the Logan Monument.

Show up at the moment by 12:30 the day of the race to register your up-to-five-member-team ($5 per person, $20 max per group) or pre-register here. The race will start at 1:00, end at 3:00pm, and from 3:00-4:00 they’ll be announcing the winners of the hunt and the raffle.

All ages venue space is so important! Check the Facebook event out here!

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Mean Jeans to Play Township on Thanksgiving

It is just me, or is this site becoming a thinly-veiled cover for The Official Mean Jeans Fan Club? Anyway, we recently heard through the Twitter Grapevine that they were going to stop back through Township on their tour with Kepi Ghoulie, and we wanted to give you plenty of warning so you could phone home and tell your mom not to make as much cranberry sauce this year, since you’ll be too busy partying to come home for dinner.

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Shred Fest Tickets on Sale

We brought you rumors of a new feminist punk fest as soon as they hit our amp-deafened ears; now we’re stoked to say tickets are on sale and a tentative line-up has been announced!

Shred Fest is the lovebaby of She Shreds Magazine, Miss Alex White of White Mystery, and Kelly from Animal Kingdom. It’s going to be an all ages, posi day of workshops, bands, speakers, DJs, and a zine release from Kelly detailing everything she’s learned from years of DIY punk.

More band announcements are on the way, but so far a lot of great local bands have joined the team. There’ll be weirdo lo-fi from two piece The Funs, dark punk fit for alternate universe slumber parties and proms from Swimsuit Addition and Bleach Party, abrasive half-written songs from Lil Tits, sugary jingles from The Lemons, and a lot of fluffy red hair getting thrown around by White Mystery. American Breakfast, Lifestyles, and ex-Vivian-Girls member Cassie Ramone are also playing. Keep your pupils locked to the Facebook event to get updates on the line-up as it develops, and make sure to pick up tickets while they’re still discounted!

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The Yolks, American Breakfast, Spike & The Sweet Spots, The Rubs Play Moe’s Tavern Saturday Night

Last time some local garage bands displaced the usual bluesy Midwest-dad bar bands from divey Moe’s for the night, we drank our way through every keg of PBR, lit shit on fire, and got yelled at by Moe for moshing. Ready to do it all again?

The Yolks are fresh off the release of their recent album Kings of Awesome, a lofi r-n-b homage to Ray Charles. Nathan Johnson (Uh Bones) is a charming frontman, moving back and forth between guitar and organ. With three solid bands backing up the bill it should be a fun night!

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DIY Space Animal Kingdom is Looted; Organizer Kelly Moves onto She Shreds Fest

Kelly Nothing from Animal Kingdom has dealt with cops shutting down shows at Animal Kingdom, lootings, evictions, and thefts. She’s also learned a lot about how to DIY within our humble Chi. She recently emerged on Facebook to dispel rumors about what exactly went down in Animal Kingdom’s last month, and chatted with me at the Tweens in-store at Bric-a-Brac about what’s next. INSIDE: FEMME-CENTRIC PUNK FESTS, ZINES, & FUTURE KELLY PROJECTS

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