SXSW Recap: Thursday, March 19

Thursday was one of the two most SXSW days of my SXSW.  I was out all day, I saw a ton of bands, I made some weird friend at the last show, and I got so drunk that all I have left from the last show I attended are memories of debating my 23-year-old friend on which city was best to move to and a few blurry, bigfoot-sighting-esque photos of mystery bands on my phone.

Two of the bands I do remember from the last show of the day were Pity Sex (who were one of my Riot Fest favorites) and Chastity Belt, who seem to be one of the buzz bands from this year’s SXSW. Both were absolutely killer. Catch Pity Sex at Subterranean on April 4. Read the rest of Thursday’s recap

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SXSW Recap: Wednesday, March 18

Okay, I know it’s Monday and nobody cares about SXSW 2015 anymore, but I’m still going to write these recap posts day-by-day because that’s what I started, goddammit. And Wednesday was one of the best days of SXSW because I didn’t actually do much that felt overtly festival-like.

My day started with Young Buffalo and free cold brew coffee and kale chips at The Wild Honey Pie’s day party at Side Bar. These are some super nice dudes from Mississippi who play pretty, sunny rock ‘n’ roll songs and keep getting more fun each time I see them. In fact, I can safely say the band was better than the snacks and I love the shit out of cold brew coffee. Read the rest of Wednesday’s recap

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SXSW Recap: Tuesday, March 17

The first day of South By Southwest tends to be my favorite: my feet don’t hurt, the douchebags haven’t yet descended en masse, and I can actually see most bands I try to see. I met up with friends at the airport, took a cab to our Airbnb, and caught an express bus (Austin has bus rapid transit and it’s awesome!) to Cheer Up Charlie’s for the No Play Music day party, where I hung out for most of the day before eventually heading over to Hotel Vegas for their St. Patrick’s Day kickoff. Click here for the rest of Tuesday’s Recap

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