Soddy Daisy “Trashtopia” Album Review & Release Show 9/18

Listening to local band Soddy Daisy’s new album Trashtopia, it’s no surprise that they all have a hand in running legendary DIY partyplex Young Camelot, or that the album was partially recorded there. Regal and shambling, I’ve seen some of the stickiest bangers unspool in their cavernous space, all sticky with beer and humid with sweat.

YC is drunk conversations between girls in line for the bathroom, sloppy X’s on your hands, and two people almost fucking on a melting couch. It’s carpet fermented lager and a better populated smoking section than a septuagenarian’s favorite Las Vegas casino.

Trashtopia, from the name, to the cover art, to the sound evokes the bacchanalia and bad decisions, the adrenaline hype and the greyed-out nod-outs. It’s the perfect album to be born in Young Camelot’s messy womb, and I can’t imagine a better place to host the release show this Friday.

The third and forth songs on the album bring restrained lounge vibes and an bluesy growl of an intro, respectively, showing a willingness to experiment beyond the kind of partypunk oblivion I watch three different bands careen through on your average Wednesday night.

WEAK Radio uses the production trope of a scrambled scan through radio land to introduce a torchy doo wop addiction ballad that evokes blue-lit pimple-faced shuffling slow dances and a weary chanteuse draping herself across a Rhodes organ, eyelids slowly closing in resignation.

It’s an album of ambitious length for a self-recorded DIY band. The repetitive dirge When the High Subsides could have clocked in under four minutes (or found a more secure home on an album that promised less shambling and surf), but Soddy Daisy does rollicking lofi pop extraordinary well. I’m charmed with the couplet “Nothing else has ever changed, I’ve got an embryonic brain” on the sunny jammer “Water Cooler.”

Feel free to scream out the names of these songs I’ve described while they play at Young Camelot this Friday. It’s that kind of place, and that kind of band: messy, collaborative, and beautiful.

Evasive Backflip, Rat Hammer, Soddy Daisy, Not For You, Le Tour, Alex Rowney Piano Beast
Young Camelot
Fri, September 18 / $5 / not byob – bring $

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Vamos – Spiderbait LP Review (Record Release Show Tonight!)

Vamos feel like a party that you might die at, woozy with bummer vibes and lousy with bad decisions. After years of purveying sleaze metal after midnight in slimy DIY spots (competing with the rhythmic screech of the train) and putting their music out on neon plastic cassette tapes, they’re finally releasing their very first LP. Local label Maximum Pelt mates Ego and Modern Convenience join them tonight for a
free show to celebrate their graduation to vinyl.

The new album Spiderbait manages to resurrect the party-flu-snot-dripping zombie of rockstar kitsch and cock rock excess of days gone by. The sludge psychedelia and spooky Ozzy vocals on Bad Hook didn’t work for me (though if those keywords excite you, click away!) but I’m super excited to see a high quality version of “Jaded,” a wicked and reeling banger Vamos has been performing live forever that always brings down my entire world.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2062955756 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708 track=2436339360]

It reminds me of the raw and addictive “Feelmonger,” a track previously released on their Midwaste tape, here newly recorded with a more deft and nuanced hand (I do recommend scuzz heads also check out the original recording). “Howl,” another favorite off Midwaste, here takes the form of a bitter boozy accusation and ends in the whole band pleading “All I want is you.” This record has greasy gleam and glamour, swaggering sexuality, and leaves a bad taste in my mouth that I can’t get enough of.

[bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=2062955756 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=e99708 track=4084250403]

If you’re determined to see them tonight (which you should be), you’re in luck; not only is it free, but there’s an equally free early punk show at Bric-a-Brac if you want to pull a one-two punch and still have enough money for a few cheap beers. There’s also a show at Old Mt Happy; see flyer below.


Vamos, EGO, Modern Convenience, Foul Tip
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
9:00pm Mon, August 3 / 21+ / free

Moon Hag, Lil Tits
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles, 3156 West Diversey Avenue
5:00 pm on Mon, August 3 / AA / BYOB

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Getting Randy for Randy Records

If Randy Records was a person, they’d be like seven feet tall, with perma-stoned eyes going off two different directions, wearing a greasy leather jacket and playing the organ effortlessly with one hand while casually drinking a beer with the other.

Wait; that actually sounds like someone I know.


I’m just going to call him Randy Rexington, as per his Instagram, because homie shows the magic wonder of mathematics to impressionable youth as a day job and I’m not trying to help any Google-happy superintendents figure out that their teachers might have a life beyond the schoolyard.

Anyway, Mr. Rexington, divider of fractions and presser of records, singer in The Yolks and organ-stroker in Uh Bones, dropped me a line to share a special fancy treat for Store Brand Soda readers: preview tracks off the two new albums on Randy Records.

eric gage


Eric Gage, front dude of The Memories has to be one of the best connected dudes out there. He’s in White Fang, performs solo as Free Weed, and founded Gnar Tapes, a cassette label that recently traded daps with quasi-independent garage giant Burger Records on the opening of their new joint-venture record store Gnar Burger in a run down, middle-of-nowhere stretch of Los Angeles neighborhood Cypress Park. Last time I was there it took me like twenty minutes to check out because the extremely stoned dude at the counter needed change; Gage himself emerged from the back to pull some money out of his wallet.

Anyway, The Memories have never been one of my favorite bands; their simplistic take on summer psychedelia seems more suited for messy-bearded bros in tie-dye shirts covered in Dorito crumbs. Also, last time I saw them on tour one of their roadies/back-home-buddies made me cry, ha ha ha. Anyway, if YOU have never personally been driven to tears in the back room of The Burlington by someone associated with The Memories, go ahead and give these preview tracks a listen; you can also listen to the full album over on Soundcloud.



Ah, that’s better. So, as hinted above, Randy Rexington himself is in longtime local lovers-of-loudness Uh Bones. You’ve probably thrown beer cans at them at Wally World or whatever, so I’m not sure I have to describe them, but they take the sweet, classic rhythm-n-blues jams of The Yolks and flesh them out into something more howling and rollicking and weird. It’s Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, but by “modern” I mean you’re double-fisting thirty-twos and have nineteen tattoos and your shorts don’t cover your butt all the way.

There’s even more reason for you to ACT NOW, OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY: both these jammers are getting pressed to white vinyl for the first sure-to-sell-out 100, so if like your record collection to coordinate with your yayo, you should act quickly. Uh Bones is touring this summer, and getting familiar with their songs now is a great way to impress all your friends as you casually mouth all the words in whatever dive bar or DIY venue in your town is lucky enough to host them.

You can preorder The Memories and Uh Bones LPs over on the Randy Records site, and keep that shit bookmarked; later this summer, they’re putting out the debut album from Spike and the Sweet Spots and a new Yolks 7″.

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Baby Magic Record Release Tonight with Swimsuit Addition, Lil Tits, and The Cellphones

There was a time when I was going to The Burlington all the time. It was winter, and the proximity to my home cut the navigation of iced-over pot-holes to a necessary minimum. The beer was cheap and the decent local punk bands played damn near every day.

Over time, though, it began wearing on me. The band I came to see would have three terrible openers, all suburban bands who’d invite their friends, screaming drunk college kids who would start inane conversations with me at the bar and leave before the headliner. Breaks between bands would drag to forty minutes. And, perhaps worst of all, the pitch black and damp of the backroom would breed a particular funky smell; the smell of your elementary school cafeteria on a rainy day, all moldering mackintosh coats and sweaty feet in rubber boots.

“Something smells like dirty Cheetos. I think it’s my feet,” the singer of Potty Mouth mused over the mic one night. “No, it always smells like that!” I called back, helpfully.

Sometimes, though, even the darkest, dirtiest dive surprises you. I saw a mind-blowing set by Meatbodies in the front bar a few months ago, a titanic explosion of thrash and squall. And sometimes the line-ups leave no room for error, like tonight’s stellar offerings.

My cute boyfriend, Tom from Dumpster Babies, did the artwork for the new Baby Magic record, so pick up some blood-red vinyl and pat him on the back on a job well done. Chill out with Patrick Cosmos DJ’ing vinyl in the front room. Get carried away on the overwhelming vocals of The Cellphones. Let Lil Tits rip your eardrums out, and lick your wounds to Swimsuit Addition’s darkwave pop. And buy me a beer.

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Buy Max Pelt Tapes & Vinyl / Death to Scumbags

The other night at a show at Wally’s World, local scene fixture Magik Ian had $800 stolen from him. It’s always super depressing when someone opens up their home as an underground venue and scumbags choose to take advantage of them. Ian’s friends are calling on everyone to buy recordings from Ian’s label Maximum Pelt to help offset the loss.

If you’re looking for recommendations, that Midwaste tape from Vamos fucken slays. Very cocky strutting trash-glam rock that doesn’t need to resort to art punk abrasiveness to keep things cut-throat. Go buy some tapes for a good cause, ya jerkwads! OPEN LETTER INSIDE TO THE COMMUNITY INSIDE

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Mean Jeans to Record New Album

My heart barfed when I read on Twitter that Portland party goons Mean Jeans are ready 2 rip on a new album! Could not be more stoked to eventually hear this.

Rumor has it that Dirtnap Records is also going to be releasing all the Mean Jeans singles in one handy vinyl package. I played my “Are You Serious + 5 singles” tape until it literally wore out, so this is good news for me.

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