Weekly Agenda: Aug 24th – 29th: Announcements! Housekeeping! Shows!

There’s a lot going on in my life right now that may or may not effect Store Brand Soda, so bear with me while I get some announcements out of the way, and I’ll move on to a list of all the shows happening this week.

First off, despite the fact that Lorena Cupcake is my legal name and I’ve provided them with my State ID, Name Change Amendment, and a bank statement, Facebook has locked my account out for not complying with their Real Name Policy. Facebook, and the huge network of musicians and DIY punks I’m friends with there, is unfortunately a huge part of how I collect information about shows for Store Brand Soda. It’s also a big part of how I promote the site. If I never get back into my account, I’m honestly not sure how I’m supposed to keep doing SBS.

If you feel like contacting Facebook, referencing Case #967503016650293, and letting them know that Lorena Cupcake is the name you know me by, I would really appreciate it. You can also bug them on Twitter. In the meantime, you can always email me about your upcoming album release show or whatever.

One last piece of business: I start a new job today as the Social Media and Marketing Assistant for Do 312. Much like I do here, I’m going to be writing about events, music, parties, and festivals in a way that hopefully makes you want to put on your flyest outfit and go rage. If you want to keep up with my work there, you can follow Do 312 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also come hang out with me at our 5th birthday party on Sunday. Absolutely Not is playing!

Between getting locked out of Facebook and starting a brand new job, Store Brand Soda has to go on the backburner for me right now. I’m hoping this is a temporary hiatus; I’m going to try to keep the calendar updated, and I have a few posts already drafted.

Monday, August 24th

Animal City, State Champion, Today’s Hits
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Mon, August 24, 8pm / $8 / 17+

The Limbs, Bad Bad Meow, Ross W Berman IV
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Mon, August 24, 8pm / 21+ / free

The Peekaboos, The Avantist, Evasive Backflip
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue,
Mon, August 24, 9pm / 21+ / $5

Big Pussy, Nice Guys, Lil Tits, Radio Shaq, Georgia O’Queef
I LOVE HOW IMMATURE AND HILARIOUS ALL THE BAND NAMES IN THIS LINE-UP ARE. I’M NOT EVEN BEING SARCASTIC, I REALLY LOVE THAT THEY’RE ALL PLAYING TOGETHER. Also, I recently saw Georgia O’Queef play for the first time and they’re rad; super fast grindy thrash metal. Into it.
Wally World
Mon, August 24, 9:05pm / $5 / 21+ to drink / BYOB or cheap bar

Autonomy, No More Dead Girls, Brickfight
Hardcord, dudes. Autonomy is Ray from No Friends‘ band.
Liar’s Club, 1665 West Fullerton Avenue
Mon, August 24, 10pm / $5 donation / 21+

Tuesday, August 25th

The Vaccines, Power Haunts
One for the old punks (who hopped on tickets in time).
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport
Tue, August 25, 8pm / SOLD OUT / $20 / $23

The Gnar Wave Rangers,MTVGhosts, The Cell Phones, The Jollys
Schubas has been doing these free all-local line-ups lately, and I’m down. The Cellphones have super dark vibes and The Jollys are all good dudes.
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Tue, August 25, 8pm / free / 18+

Whitney, Joe Bordenaro, Lionlimb
My first impression of Whitney was “falsetto, white boy r-n-b.” After a few more songs and a few more beers, I generously revised this to “orchestral, park stroll pop.” With their ex-Smith-Westerns pedigree, they’re destined for popularity, if not greatness.
The Empty Bottle, 1035 North Western Avenue
Tue, August 25, 9pm / $5 / 21+

Wednesday, August 26th

Donkey Hotel, Psychic Nurse, Monica Laplante, Murder Shoes
Burlington, 3425 West Fullerton Avenue
Wed, August 26, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Thursday, August 27th

Ego, Grosse Pointe
I can’t figure out if this they actually card for these free shows at The Virgin Hotel or what – I only remember being carded at the bar last time I was there. If you’re a minor and you get into this without any issues, hit me up.
Virgin Hotels Chicago, 203 North Wabash Avenue, 25th floor
Thu, August 27, 6pm / 21+ to drink / free

Heaters, Ranch Ghost, Spike & The Sweet Spots, Glyders
I suppose Ranch Ghost makes more sense to interpret as a ghost that haunts a ranch, but I love picturing a floating, haunting glob of ranch dressing.
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Thu, August 27, 8pm / $10 / 17+

Slushy, Midriffs, Dinoczar, Beer the Band
I feel weird about putting the address for this up, but they have it public on the Facebook event, so whatever. Email me if you want it taken down.
Hobo Spaceship, 3144 W Carroll Ave #2H
Thu, August 27, 8pm / free

Bike Cops, Natural Causes, Strawberry Jacuzzi, Sweepyheads
Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton
Thu, August 27, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Friday, August 28th

Younger Lovers, Black Bandits and the Stickups, Moor Mother Goddess, Bruised, Tigress, Crude Humor, Novatore, Tensions, Xille Xille Xille
This is part of Black & Brown Punk show, which I previously wrote about here! For me, the highlight of the line-up is sassy Oakland queercore party poppers Younger Lovers, who are fronted by the hilarious writer and performer Brontez Purnell. Check out his recent comic The Cruising Diaries, which is full of hilarious (and hilariously gross) stories of anonymous casual sex.
Chicago Women In Trade, 2444 W 16th St, #16
Fri, August 28, 4:30pm / sober event / AA / $15

Glamour Hotline, Not 4 U, Wad, Belly Belt
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
Pinky Swear
Fri, August 28, 8pm / bring $ for donation

Den, Rumores, Cracked Vessel
From our most recent Show Horoscope: Whoa, super loud noise punk and free donuts…in the middle of the day…in a library?!?!? I REALLY LOVE THIS CITY SOMETIMES, Y’ALL. This show is open to everyone, but the organizers have made sure to note that teenagers, who often don’t have access to shows like this, are extra welcome. The library is also fully accessible for those who use mobility devices; you can read a lot more about the importance of accessibility at music venues over at Is This Venue Accessible.
West Town Public Library, 1625 West Chicago Avenue
1:30pm at Sat, August 29 / AA / donations for bands appreciated

Lala Lala, KO
This show got a mention in our recent Show Horoscope, which has a ton more relevant show recommendations for you!
saki, 3716 West Fullerton Avenue
Sat, August 29, 4pm / free / AA

Saturday, August 29th

Kris de la Rash, Aye Nako, L(a)kras, The Breathing Light, Ono, La Armada, Through and Through, The Kominas, Cabrona, R-Tronika
ChiTown Futbol, 2255 South Throop Street
Sat, August 29, 5pm / 21+ to drink, must have ID, no BYOB / $15 / AA

Impulsive Hearts, Croquet, Not For You
Burlington Bar 3425 W Fullerton
Sat, August 29, 9pm / usually $5 – $10 / 21+

Black Lips, Grosse Pointe
The Black Lips are also playing Sunday at Chicago Fashion Fest! Their website sucks so I couldn’t figure out enough detail to put it on the calendar, figure it out yourselves.
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / 17+ / $20

Burning Ponies, Bubbles Brown, The Holy Motors
Schubas Tavern, 3159 North Southport Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / $10 / 21+

Sueves, Ballroom, Eyes of Satan
Cole’s Bar, 2338 North Milwaukee Avenue
Sat, August 29, 10pm / free / 21+

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Exclusive: Stream Bleach Party’s “Single Summer”

Click through to the full post to stream the track, or listen here on Bandcamp.

I have a fictional origin story in my head for the band Bleach Party, modeled after the ersatz John Hughes knockoff high school comedies that proliferated in 1980s cinema. One day in detention, four bored nerds commiserate about they don’t have dates for the upcoming prom, because only popular kids get asked out. “What we need to do is figure out a way to be popular.” Meg notices Kaylee drumming on a Trapper Keeper with a gnawed pencil, and an idea is born.

Following an action-packed monologue of band practice, cymbals being broken, hair being teased, make-up being applied, pizza being eaten, and fingerless gloves being strapped on, spotlights silhouette a four-piece on the stage of Vince Lombardi High School. Girls in one-shoulder dresses squint through their crispy blonde claw-bangs; who are the super cool rockers floating in the mist of a fog machine?

As they play their first song; the crowd goes wild; corsages are thrown, ruffled shirts are ripped off, and the janitor and the math teacher french under the bleachers. Finally the flood lights are thrown, and the students recognize the band that’s melting their faces off as the dweebs they cut in front of in the lunchline last week. Now they’re the most popular kids in school!

Ok, so, maybe that’s not actually how this song came into being. All the same, you should don a confection of taffeta, satin, and poofy sleeves and come party with Bleach Party this Saturday at Young Camelot. Make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of their EP, which will be released sometime this fall.


Meat Wave, ShowYouSuck, VAYA, secret guest
Young Camelot
Sat, August 22, 9pm/ $5 / 18+

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Instore Galore: Vacation, Earth Girls, Bow & Spear, Spirit of the Beehive, Carbonleak


Is there some sort of Power Pop University where young musicians go to learn the art of the art of the addictive guitar riff? Do students brainstorm hooks and scribble lyrics in Lisa Frank notebooks over peanut butter sandwiches and ramen? Is this possibly what was going on at Bill and Ted University in the beginning of Bogus Journey?

If such a learning institution existed, Cincinnati band Vacation would have graduated summa cum laude. The tightly-knit four-piece opened for Don Giovanni label mates Screaming Females last night at The Empty Bottle, barely exchanging glances in the brief pauses between songs before ripping into another perfect song with just the right interplay between guitars, crunch, and punk aggression.
Missed the show last night? Luckily for you, they’re playing TWICE today: once in just a few hours at Bric-a-Brac with locals Earth Girls (who COMPLETELY RULE and don’t play very often) and Bow and Spear. They’re also playing later tonight with Screaming Females at Sub-T, giving the 17+ crowd a chance to join in the fun.


Have plans already for today, maybe for the Dick Dale show, or checking out what kind of band names themselves Bukkake Moms over at Emporium? You can get your in-store fill tomorrow over at saki, where Spirit of the Beehive and Carbonleak are playing. I can’t tell y’all how important instores are to me, and how cool it is that we’re so blessed with so many supportive record stores here in Chicago. Bring a beer, listen to some free music, pick up some 7″s or earplugs or whatever.

Bow & Spear, Vacation, Earth Girls
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles, 3156 West Diversey Avenue
5:30pm on Wed, July 29/ AA / free

Screaming Females, Vacation
Subterranean, 2011 West North Avenue
8:30pm on Wed, July 29/ $14 / 17+

Spirit of the Beehive, Carbonleak
saki, 3716 West Fullerton Avenue
6:00pm on Thu, July 30 / AA / free

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Punk or Bunk #1 Answers & Winner!

Congratulations to Jessica for winning our very first Punk or Bunk trivia challenge! It turns out that NO ONE got the answer right, so we’re giving the tickets to you for being the first to email.

For those playing along at home, here’s the answers:

1. Peggy O’Neill and Danny Kroha of The Gories met when they developed mutual crushes on each other in high school.

TRUE. As revealed in the recent Detroit Punks documentary on The Gories, Peg was obsessed with The Who and mod culture as a teenager, and Danny was running around on a scooter with a fishtail parka. They met through their similar interests, and briefly dated – a relationship that dissolved long before The Gories did.

This was actually our readers’ #1 Guess for which one was a lie! Sometimes the truth is strange, y’all.

2. Lester Bangs once published a piece that claimed to expose the “rock culture FAGGOT MAFIA” in Creem magazine.

FALSE. Ok, so this is from the era of swaggering macho rock journalism that I couldn’t care less about, but it’s linked to early transgender punk pioneer Jayne County, which is how I know about it. Inspired by an infamous incident where Jayne County tried to brain Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators with a mic stand when he heckled her at CBGB’s, Bangs wrote a rambling, incoherent screed that did in fact threaten to expose the “rock culture FAGGOT MAFIA.” However, it was slated for the pages of Punk Magazine, and Bangs requested that they not run it, worried that it would hurt his freelance career, something I can totally identify with as a fellow freelancer, albeit one who can edit myself a little better.

3. Iggy Pop’s favorite drink is Kahlua and milk.

TRUE. Iggy’s preference for hard drugs and weak drinks is mentioned several times in the classic oral history of early punk, Please Kill Me.

“We’d get to Memphis, the newspaper has my picture on the paper, with the headline ‘Vice Squad to Attend Concert Tonight.” I get to my hotel, I’m nervous, so I take all my per diems and buy twenty Kahlua and milks, because I’m nervous, but I only like pussy drinks, right?”

-Iggy Pop

Even if you didn’t win, you can try your wits next time, and you can still go see the show for a measly $7! It’s way cooler than Pitchfork, and I’ll be there, swigging from a pitcher and doing really pathetic bowling moves.

Blizzard Babies, Squish, Boots, Pink Bathroom
Fireside Bowl, 2648 West Fullerton Avenue
17+ / $7

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Getting Randy for Randy Records

If Randy Records was a person, they’d be like seven feet tall, with perma-stoned eyes going off two different directions, wearing a greasy leather jacket and playing the organ effortlessly with one hand while casually drinking a beer with the other.

Wait; that actually sounds like someone I know.


I’m just going to call him Randy Rexington, as per his Instagram, because homie shows the magic wonder of mathematics to impressionable youth as a day job and I’m not trying to help any Google-happy superintendents figure out that their teachers might have a life beyond the schoolyard.

Anyway, Mr. Rexington, divider of fractions and presser of records, singer in The Yolks and organ-stroker in Uh Bones, dropped me a line to share a special fancy treat for Store Brand Soda readers: preview tracks off the two new albums on Randy Records.

eric gage


Eric Gage, front dude of The Memories has to be one of the best connected dudes out there. He’s in White Fang, performs solo as Free Weed, and founded Gnar Tapes, a cassette label that recently traded daps with quasi-independent garage giant Burger Records on the opening of their new joint-venture record store Gnar Burger in a run down, middle-of-nowhere stretch of Los Angeles neighborhood Cypress Park. Last time I was there it took me like twenty minutes to check out because the extremely stoned dude at the counter needed change; Gage himself emerged from the back to pull some money out of his wallet.

Anyway, The Memories have never been one of my favorite bands; their simplistic take on summer psychedelia seems more suited for messy-bearded bros in tie-dye shirts covered in Dorito crumbs. Also, last time I saw them on tour one of their roadies/back-home-buddies made me cry, ha ha ha. Anyway, if YOU have never personally been driven to tears in the back room of The Burlington by someone associated with The Memories, go ahead and give these preview tracks a listen; you can also listen to the full album over on Soundcloud.



Ah, that’s better. So, as hinted above, Randy Rexington himself is in longtime local lovers-of-loudness Uh Bones. You’ve probably thrown beer cans at them at Wally World or whatever, so I’m not sure I have to describe them, but they take the sweet, classic rhythm-n-blues jams of The Yolks and flesh them out into something more howling and rollicking and weird. It’s Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, but by “modern” I mean you’re double-fisting thirty-twos and have nineteen tattoos and your shorts don’t cover your butt all the way.

There’s even more reason for you to ACT NOW, OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY: both these jammers are getting pressed to white vinyl for the first sure-to-sell-out 100, so if like your record collection to coordinate with your yayo, you should act quickly. Uh Bones is touring this summer, and getting familiar with their songs now is a great way to impress all your friends as you casually mouth all the words in whatever dive bar or DIY venue in your town is lucky enough to host them.

You can preorder The Memories and Uh Bones LPs over on the Randy Records site, and keep that shit bookmarked; later this summer, they’re putting out the debut album from Spike and the Sweet Spots and a new Yolks 7″.

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Weekend Agenda: Wild Times

Looking for an excuse to leave your cave of an apartment on this gorgeous weekend? Or maybe a way to be indoors while every case of cabin fever in the city pours onto patios primed for bad decisions? We’ve got you covered, bro.

Friday, April 17

wild society flyer

The Wild Society, Ag47 Annual Showcase
Tonight, Ag47, a rad local arts collective that mentors girls ages 11-17, is putting on their annual showcase in Logan Square. There’s a $10 suggested donation and tons of cool art will be for sale. Come see what the youths are up to and support girls’ creativity and awesomeness.
3249 W Diversey, 2nd Floor
AA / $10

Check Facebook for more info!

Clearance / The Velveteens / The Hecks / Blizzard Babies
After you’re all amped on supporting local teenage art, what could be better than a good pop show? Head over to The Burlington to catch Blizzard Babies, one of my favorite local bands, playing along with Minneapolis indie pop group The Velveteens, and local pop rockers Clearance and The Hecks. This is like the perfect Emily Day.
The Burlington, 3425 W Fullerton
21+ / $10, $12 at door

Saturday, April 18

Duh you already know it’s Record Store Day Saturday. If you’re anything like everyone else we know, you’ve probably already mapped out your route based on special release 7″s, Record Store Day beer collabs, or the availability of coffee and donuts (if not, please see Sei Jin Lee’s tweet below).

If, like me, you slept on this whole thing until this very second, hoping that maybe your laziness would protect you from buying even more records, here’s a list of free in-store shows tomorrow. Harmless, free shows…happening near piles and piles of records (please help me I have a problem).

bric a brac

Bric-a-Brac Record Store Day Block Party
8:00am Free coffee from The Wormhole and free donuts from the Doughnut Vault
12:00pm Lost Lake opens with a special cocktail for the day, the Bric-a-Braquiri
1:00 pm Bands start playing! I didn’t round up set times (sorry), but here’s the order:
Gentleman John Battles
Son of a Gun
Proud Parents (from WI)
Tweens (from OH)
Bric-a-Brac Records, 3156 W Diversey
Free / BYOB

Check Facebook for more info!


Saki Record Store Day In-Stores
1pm – Cheap Girls (acoustic)
2pm – Advance Base
3pm – Oshwa (Alicia solo)
4pm – Sleeping Bag
5pm – Supreme Nothing
6pm – The Sueves
Saki, 3716 W Fullerton
Free / BYOB

Check their website to learn more!


Permanent Records In-Stores
Free Dark Matter coffee and snacks!
4:30 – ADT (American District Telegraphy)
5:30 – Clearance
6:30 – buckinghampalaceSVU
Permanent Records, 1914 W Chicago
Free / BYOB

Check Facebook to learn more!

Lauries POS

Laurie’s Planet of Sound In-Stores
Laurie’s Planet of Sound, 4639 N Lincoln
Free / BYOB

Check Facebook to learn more!


Reckless & Revolution Hand Over Fist Release Party
Bands, beers, and the potential for free tokens/drinks with receipts from your RSD purchases!
Emporium Wicker Park, 1366 N Milwaukee
Free / 21+

Check their website for more!

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