Chic-A-Go-Go Taping Saturday 8/23 with The Holy Motors, Sonny Knight, Snake Island


Chic-A-Go-Go host Ratso with Kelly of The Lemons/Animal Kingdom

Chic-A-Go-Go is a bizarre Chicago institution, a public access dance party on Channel 19 (CAN TV). Jake Austen, the music historian behind Rocktober, booker for Promontory and all-around amazing dude, hosts a studio taping full of local bands, little kids, and partyin’ puppets. It’s a fun, free, positive time for everyone; and it’s kind of cool to see bands sober in the middle of the day with a bunch of dancing toddlers, hipster parents, and sleepy rockers.

This taping takes place this Saturday August 23rd from 3pm to 6pm at the Chicago Access Network Studios, located at 322 S. Green St. Just walk on it and follow the signs to the studio. We suggest wearing goofy outfits, bringing props, and bringing a water bottle; dancing is good exercise. I’d rather rage with Ratso than spend an hour on the treadmill any day!

Below you can see some of our favorite past performances on Chic-A-Go-Go. Hope to see you there tomorrow!

Keep an eye out for a certain someone (me) dancing behind local haunted-house spooky punks Absolutely Not!

Sweet & Sour pop babes The Lemons!

Garage jungle cats Flesh Panthers!

Warm Soda fizzes over!

Ok, I could keep doing this forever. Hopefully that wet your whistle and you’re excited for tomorrow!

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