WEEKLY AGENDA: Tuesday 8/27 to Saturday 8/30


You guys, I don’t know how to feel about Door #3, the faux-basement venue beneath Double Door. On one hand, it’s nice to see shows in a low-key atmosphere with cans of cheap beer that doesn’t smell like dirty feet soaking in a festering Blatz swamp. On the other hand, it’s fucked up for a major douchebag Wicker Park venue to co-opt DIY aesthetics and integrity. Should we go see Slushy, The Jollys, and Grosse Pointe there on Thursday anyway? Which do we care about more, punk rock purity or having a fun time?

Wednesday, August 27th

The Dutchess & The Duke, The Lemons, Brian Case
The Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave
9pm / 21+ / $12

Thursday, August 28th

The Cellphones, Vaya, Bigjoy, The Avantist

The lead singer of The Cellphones is a witchy babe with a big, big voice. They do a sort of skronky spooky post-punk thing, and they even made a Haunted House soundtrack once. If you ever wished Stevie Nicks would drop in for a set with your favorite noise rock band, you should go see this show.
Emporium Arcade Bar
1366 N Milwaukee Ave
8pm / 21+ / Free

Slushy, The Jollys, Gross Pointe, The Chips
>Door #3 (Double Door basement)
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
>9pm / 21+ / $5

Sleep, Corrections House
Thalia Hall
1807 S Allport St
9pm / 21+ / $22 adv / $35 doors

Friday, August 29th

Clearance, Amanda X
Permanent Records,
1914 W Chicago Ave
6pm / All Ages / Free

Bike Cops, Jollys, Uh Bones, Gross Pointe, Indonesian Junk, Red Lions

Auxiliary Art Center is a DIY venue where everybody gets kicked out at midnight, so no punk time, procrastinators and lollygaggers! However, you’re going to want to get there early, because your $5 donation gets you some free brews from Powell’s Brew House (21+ to drink).
The Auxiliary Art Center
3012 W Belmont Ave
8pm / $5 suggested donation

Saturday, August 30th

Operators, Tweens
Schubas Tavern
3159 N Southport
8:00 PM / 21+ / $12 adv / $14 doors

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