DIY Space Animal Kingdom is Looted; Organizer Kelly Moves onto She Shreds Fest


Kelly Nothing from Animal Kingdom has dealt with cops shutting down shows at Animal Kingdom, lootings, evictions, and thefts. She’s also learned a lot about how to DIY within our humble Chi. She recently emerged on Facebook to dispel rumors about what exactly went down in Animal Kingdom’s last month, and chatted with me at the Tweens in-store at Bric-a-Brac about what’s next.

I’ve been back 2 days, and the damn rumor mill is hot on our old house, ____ n Albany. We’ll be setting the record straight soon enough. In the mean time know that, yes- AK was foreclosed and looted; it’s now boarded up. Hundreds and hundreds of dollars of gear was stolen from the house. Consequently, many AK projects+releases are on hiatus though we are still booking shows and tours. We’re looking for any and all photos/videos/writing/etc on AK and other spaces. Do u DIY or DIE bro? please get in touch! Also, can I borrow a 35mm (point-and-shoot?) camera from you?
Luv, kelly nothing

Kelly told me that she’s going to dish her whole story in zine format, intended as an explanatory DIY how-to for those looking to dip into the world of show promotion, punk partying, and musicianship. The zine will be released in tandem with a feminist punk fest in the works, She Shreds Fest. Keep an eye on Store Brand Soda for more details on She Shreds Fest and an interview with Kelly on zine-making, DIY booking, and avoiding the cops.

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