Weekend Agenda: December 11th – December 14th: New Blizzard Babies Video


Local band Blizzard Babies (extremely local for me, since one of them is my roommate) have released a new video featuring a cameo from none other than their label mate Stephen Sowley of Fake Limbs as the most obnoxious customer ever.

Click through to the post to watch it. Put it on while you’re teasing your hair, putting on black lipgloss, and getting ready for a rad weekend of rock.

Thursday, December 11th

Swimsuit Addition (Cassette Release), Lil Tits, Donkey Hotel, The Burning Ponies
Fellow Store Brand Soda editor Emily and I will be there, proving we can indeed support local music in ways besides writing about it before falling asleep in front of a flickering Netflix screen.
Emporium Arcade Bar, 1366 North Milwaukee Avenue
8pm / Free / 21+

NONES, The Rubs, The Gold Web, La Cosa (ONO)
Skronky noise punks NONES and members of ONO promise a weird, disorientating, noisy night.
Door #3 (Double Door Basement), 1551 N Damen Ave
21+ / $5

Potions, Banal Anml, Videobug, Wadduppp Sonnn
Heavy Petting, 2840 N Warren
8pm / BYOB / Enter thru alley / Bring your bike inside

Friday, December 12th

Flesh Panthers, Mac Blackout Band, Legendary Wings, Gross Point
Show #20 for local DIY venue The Flowershop!
The Flowershop
8pm / $5 for touring band

Saturday, December 13th

Bugs and Rats, In Heat, Nubiles Instore
Permanent Records, 1914 West Chicago Avenue
6pm / AA / Free

Oozing Wound, Wishgift, DEN, Foul Tip
Things The Band Name “Foul Tip” Suggests to Me:
1. a virulent, untreated, crusty STI
2. illegal insider trading
3. a baseball coach telling his players how not to foul
4. when you break off pencil lead while sharpening a pencil and have to start all over
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
10pm / Free / 21+

Sunday, December 14th

Joust, MAMA, The Dumpster Babies
Singer/guitarist Kevin is back in town for this show, putting our chances of seeing him shirtless at some point in the evening at 200% percent.
Empty Bottle
1035 North Western Avenue
7pm / $5 / 21+

PeoplesTemple of America, Yeesh, Pink Bathrooms
Pink Bathrooms were the inspiration of the cover image for this post, which is actually Jayne Mansfield’s bathroom. I want to live in it.

Also, slightly topical: one time I did like three shots of Malört at Quenchers and threw up in a trashcan. I could have used a spotless, comforting pink bathroom right about then.
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave

Todayshits Christmas
James performing a two hour holiday themed set definitely promises some harrowing performance art with a slight possibility of holiday cheer.
The Whistler, 2421 N Milwaukee Ave
Free / 21+

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