Getting Randy for Randy Records

If Randy Records was a person, they’d be like seven feet tall, with perma-stoned eyes going off two different directions, wearing a greasy leather jacket and playing the organ effortlessly with one hand while casually drinking a beer with the other.

Wait; that actually sounds like someone I know.


I’m just going to call him Randy Rexington, as per his Instagram, because homie shows the magic wonder of mathematics to impressionable youth as a day job and I’m not trying to help any Google-happy superintendents figure out that their teachers might have a life beyond the schoolyard.

Anyway, Mr. Rexington, divider of fractions and presser of records, singer in The Yolks and organ-stroker in Uh Bones, dropped me a line to share a special fancy treat for Store Brand Soda readers: preview tracks off the two new albums on Randy Records.

eric gage

Eric Gage, front dude of The Memories has to be one of the best connected dudes out there. He’s in White Fang, performs solo as Free Weed, and founded Gnar Tapes, a cassette label that recently traded daps with quasi-independent garage giant Burger Records on the opening of their new joint-venture record store Gnar Burger in a run down, middle-of-nowhere stretch of Los Angeles neighborhood Cypress Park. Last time I was there it took me like twenty minutes to check out because the extremely stoned dude at the counter needed change; Gage himself emerged from the back to pull some money out of his wallet.

Anyway, The Memories have never been one of my favorite bands; their simplistic take on summer psychedelia seems more suited for messy-bearded bros in tie-dye shirts covered in Dorito crumbs. Also, last time I saw them on tour one of their roadies/back-home-buddies made me cry, ha ha ha. Anyway, if YOU have never personally been driven to tears in the back room of The Burlington by someone associated with The Memories, go ahead and give these preview tracks a listen; you can also listen to the full album over on Soundcloud.


Ah, that’s better. So, as hinted above, Randy Rexington himself is in longtime local lovers-of-loudness Uh Bones. You’ve probably thrown beer cans at them at Wally World or whatever, so I’m not sure I have to describe them, but they take the sweet, classic rhythm-n-blues jams of The Yolks and flesh them out into something more howling and rollicking and weird. It’s Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, but by “modern” I mean you’re double-fisting thirty-twos and have nineteen tattoos and your shorts don’t cover your butt all the way.

There’s even more reason for you to ACT NOW, OPERATORS ARE STANDING BY: both these jammers are getting pressed to white vinyl for the first sure-to-sell-out 100, so if like your record collection to coordinate with your yayo, you should act quickly. Uh Bones is touring this summer, and getting familiar with their songs now is a great way to impress all your friends as you casually mouth all the words in whatever dive bar or DIY venue in your town is lucky enough to host them.

You can preorder The Memories and Uh Bones LPs over on the Randy Records site, and keep that shit bookmarked; later this summer, they’re putting out the debut album from Spike and the Sweet Spots and a new Yolks 7″.

One response to “Getting Randy for Randy Records

  1. Oh hell yes! Glad I picked up the Reader’s Best Of mag from the otherwise vacant adjacent chair at ORD. Loving your writing. Wish I was local so I could make more direct use of your well sifted picks, but I’m going to enjoy it anyway. Then there’s this post looping around to Randy Records. That’s my name. I’ve sorta noticed it has been enjoying a renaissance of late but nine out of nine times the person with the name tag is a delightful freak. I’m going to record the birth of the movement with the not so recent birth of South Park. Their Randy definitely set the tone. Glad the wave hasn’t hit shore. Thanks for doing what you do. Love your city!


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