Clearance Record Release Show Tonight


Clearance’s shambolic melodic clutter belies a bright-eyed optimism and work ethic; maybe I’m just used to weirdo noise-rock acts stretching out inter-song breaks in blazing hot basements with interminable banter and discomforting costume subtractions, but their live act is a lot tighter and more polished than most.

I’ll be real, it’s kind of refreshing to see some young people get their shit together and turn out some well recorded, catchy, head bobbing alt rock. Tall Pat previewed the test pressing for a Friends of Tall Pat Records barbecue earlier this summer, and I can vouch that it’s excellent music for eating grilled thick-cut bacon on a blanket with your friends.

I recently had the chance to interview Mike from Clearance for my day job at Do312 (which has a new app btw). You should definitely go read it and stream the full record, and you should totally scramble to that show at The Owl like Pizza Rat scrambles down some subway stairs with a slice.

Their debut full length Rapid Rewards is available on two different record labels: the aforementioned Midwest garage label that tolerates no weak pits, and Unsatisfied Records out of LA. (If you’re reading this, you probably live in Chicago. Buy it from Tall Pat. I was born in the valley, and I still traded my Lakers allegiance for the Bulls mythology, so if I can show some hometown loyalty, so can you).

Clearance, American Breakfast, Salad Boys
The Owl, The Owl, 2521 North Milwaukee Avenue
21+ / free / release show

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