Weekend Agenda: Kegs & Cassettes


Friday, September 26th

Grosse Pointe, Supermagical This kegger house show promises a HELLO KITTY MOON BOUNCE. Seriously. If “kegs of beer” and “Hello Kitty moon bounce” aren’t enough for you: we have absolutely nothing in common. All the same, hopefully performances by garage punks Grosse Pointe and The Band Formerly Known as White Gold (who recently had a run-in with a band with the same name, hence the moniker switch) are enough to sweeten the deal for your miserable, fun-hating heart. Bring $5 for a bottomless solo cup and don’t puke in the moon bounce, jerk.
Ask a Punk for Location
9pm / $5

Hotlips Messiah, Mac Blackout Band, Ufux, Vortex, Potlucks
Township, 2200 North California Avenue
21+ / $5

Chicago Singles Club Presents: Cassettes on Tape, Hollow Mountain, BIGJOY
Once a month, CSC produces an exclusive, original recording and video interview with a different independent Chicago artist. Also once a month, they host a night at Cole’s where some of their faves perform. We’re big Hollow Mountain fans over here at Store Brand Soda, so go check em the fuck out!
Cole’s Bar, 2338 N Milwaukee Ave
21+ / free

Saturday, September 27th

Cassette Store Day
Exclusive releases, a local tape label fair, probably some food and/or drink of some sort, and performances by Supermagical (ex-White Gold), Me Jane, The Lemons, Chicago Drones, Negative Scanner, and more TBA. Go buy some tapes, you walking anachronism.
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles
3156 W Diversey Ave, Chicago
Noon – 8:00pm / AA / Free

Cassette Store Night: Flesh Panthers, Perfume, The Rubs, MTV Ghosts, Lifestyles
Cassette Store days, drifting away, but oh, those Cassette Store nights, well-a well-a well-a huh.
Wally Whirled
Donation / BYOB / 21+ / Ask a Punk

Soupcans, Hag Face Instore
I know nothing about these bands but it’s early and free so get on it.
Permanent Records
1914 W Chicago Ave
AA / Free

The reason that this website got built is so Emily could tell everyone about the cool indie pop shows she goes to that are always like, her and three other sad guitar dudes. Then I started doing all the writing and it became 99% about sloppy dummy punk. Go to this show so that she feels like her hours testing WordPress themes were not in vain.
Some Basement
Ask an Emily

Sunday, August 28th

No Dreams, Shredded Nerve, Stress Organ, Scant, Clavicula Salmonis, Dead Weight, The Bringer of Everything
Lots of harsh noise in Chicago’s Underground Venue with the Most Inexplicable Chandeliers 2014.
Club Rectum
Ask a Noise Punk

Creep Highway, Hogg, Lyra Hill, The Bringer of Everything, Goat Mouth
***throws devil horns***
Girion “Books”
2141 W 21st St, Chicago IL
$5 donation

Disappears, Indian Jewelry, Melkbelly
The Owl is turning three years old, and they’re celebrating countless blackouts, STIs, children born out of wedlock, sidewalk faceplants, and midnight hotdog salmonella poisonings with a free show series; this is the last night.
The Owl
2521 North Milwaukee Avenue
10pm / 21+ / Free

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