Tuesday Agenda: Billionaire Brooklynite Black Metal


Foul Tip, Frankie Teardrop, The Sueves
Minneapolis rock-n-rollers Frankie Teardrop are cute and sloppy and sing songs with names like “Pizza Lyfestyle” and you should definitely see them at Bric-a-Brac or at The Mutiny today. Two chances! No excuses!
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles
3156 W Diversey Ave
6:00pm / Free / AA

White / Light, Liturgy
What’s more metal than being the grandson of a conservative Republican oil tycoon? Kittens, sunshine, and raindrops on roses, to name a few examples.

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, singer and oil heir, has reunited with the other three musicians behind Liturgy’s debut album for their first tour in years. They’re playing Land & Sea Department, a performance space and music studio owned by the ampersand-obsessed business group behind Longman & Eagle and Parson’s Chicken & Fish. The space is like a luxe, soulless warehouse venue with all the reclaimed wood and tattooed bartenders you’d expect to come with all the frozen negroni money. I’m not going to lie, through, it’s kind of nice to encounter bathrooms that clean at a show.
Land & Sea Department
3124 W Carroll
8:00pm / $10 / Tickets

The Sueves, Frankie Teardrop, The Rubs, Supermagical (formerly White Gold)
The Mutiny is the real life version of the bar that the preppy protagonist in an 80s movie accidentally stumbles into, and a bunch of stringy-haired drunks and leather-clad metalheads growl threateningly at him, and then they all end up doing shots and singing songs together. Let’s make that happen tonight.
The Mutiny
2428 North Western Avenue
9:00pm / 21+

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