Weekend Agenda: Holy Shit You Guys

Holy shit you guys there are like a billion goddamn shows this week/weekend. Cupcake picked this week to go out of town and visit family or whatever *sad trombone* so I’ll be taking you through all of the things you could be doing between Memorial Day barbecues. I’m absolutely delighted to get to sneak in a few shows that skew more than a little toward indie pop in this weekend’s agenda. Lest you accidentally let your ears be assaulted by something that is not rock ‘n’ roll, I’m also noting a couple show picks that are Lorena Cupcake Approved for your dumb punk pleasure.

Don’t worry, Cupcake will be back at the helm next week and I’ll be off in New York for NYC Popfest, the ancestral home of my people.

Thursday, May 21

The nice thing about tonight’s abundance of shows is they actually all sort of line up time-wise and location-wise so you can show hop like a badass and brag to all your coworkers when you roll in hungover as shit at 10 am that “oh yeah, I went to 3 rock shows last night. No big.”

Advance Base, Lisa/Liza
For those who are not familiar, Advance Base is the current project of Owen Ashworth, formerly Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. 
Comfort Station, 2579 N Milwaukee Ave
7:00 pm / $5 suggested donation / All ages / No alcohol permitted

Sally Decker, Donezo, Blue Mug, Emily Kempf
“Another cool girl lineup” – event Facebook page. I dunno about you guys, but I’m sold.
2635 N Emmett
8:15 pm  / All ages

chain and the gang
Chain and the Gang, Blizzard Babies

DC weirdos Chain and the Gang will be gracing Chicago with some Minimum Rock N Roll tonight, along with Blizzard Babies, who are one of our favorite local bands. Stay up late on a school night for this one.
The Owl, 2521 N Milwaukee Ave
10:00 pm / Free / 21+

Friday, May 22

Oh jeez I have literally no idea how you’re going to figure out your schedule tonight. Roll a die? Pray on it? Just start biking and see where you end up? Whatever you do, it’s gonna be awesome.

downtown boys
Downtown Boys, Big Zit, Negative Scanner, The Bug, Malskys

Downtown Boys fucking rule, you guys. I saw them at SXSW (is that getting old yet?) and was super super impressed with their energy and their ethics.  Locals Negative Scanner also rule. In fact, I’d bet every band is awesome just by association with this bill.
Old Mt Happy
8:00 pm / All ages

The Ye-Ye’s, Rachele Eve, Rambos, Fee Lion
This is The Ye-Ye’s farewell show, so if you’ve ever wanted to check them out, get on it. I recommend coming early because Fee Lion makes some really pretty sounds that are really fun to hear live.
Subterranean, 2011 W North Ave
8:00 pm / $5 / 21+

hollow mountain
Hollow Mountain, American Breakfast, Axxons, Bigjoy, Clamor & Claw

This is a lot of awesome local bands, which I guess is no surprise since it’s Shannon Candy’s birthday party! Free beverages, pizza, and Batman until 10 pm!
Young Camelot
9:00 pm / $5 (probably) / 18+

Bike Cops / BlackGlass / Pool Holograph
Soooo many pop shooooowwwss
Quenchers Saloon, 2401 N Western Ave
9:00 pm / $7 / 21+

Saturday, May 23

Radkey / Dead on TV /Wax TV / War on Women
Subterranean, 2011 W North Ave
6:00 pm / $10 / All ages

Ghastly Menace / Reaches / BlackGlass /Imelda Marcos
There’s also a huge Pipeworks tap takeover for all you beer nerds
Emporium, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
7:00 pm / Free / 21+

Swear Beam / Negative Scanner
Wally World
9:00 pm / Donation / BYOB / Don’t be a jerk

Sunday, May 24

darren hanlon
Darren Hanlon / Steven Gilpin

Dudes I am so so so excited to see Darren Hanlon. He is here all the way from Australia to play charming songs and tell stories and be awesome. Normally “singer/songwriter” or “folk” turn me off, but I swear this will be fun. If you do nothing else with your Sunday, do this.
Uncharted Books, 2620 N Milwaukee
7:00 pm / $10 suggested donation / All ages

death valley girls
Death Valley Girls / TODAYSHITS / Lala Lala / The Eye Dolls

Death Valley Girls are another band I loved at SXSW. They’re also one of those bands Cupcake and I can agree on. Cupcake says: I’ve been blasting their grimy cassette a lot, and it’s glamour without prettiness, rebellion without abrasiveness. Perfect movie for driving thru the desert with your girlfriends to bury the body in the trunk.
Emporium, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
8:00 pm / Free / 21+

Monday, May 25

Velocicopter / Soddy Daisy / Ping Pong / Human Skull
Emporium is crushing it with great free shows lately!
Emporium, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
8:00 pm / Free / 21+

Palehound / Coaster / Bedroom Sons / Daymaker

This is another show Cupcake and I can agree on! I saw Palehound a couple years ago at SXSW and they were already more awesome than I could ever hope to be. I cannot wait to catch up and see
Beat Kitchen, 2100 W Belmont Ave
8:30 pm / Free with RSVP / $8 / 17+

Tuesday, May 26

Ego / Bihari Beach / Dream Heavy Eagle Dreams / House Sounds
Emporium, 1366 N Milwaukee Ave
8:00 pm / Free / 21+

flesh lights
Flesh Lights / Flesh Panthers / Another Band / Pears
You guys should definitely go check out Flesh Lights. Cupcake says: I saw these little young rock n roll babies in their hometown at Austin and couldn’t help but loose myself in their glory, throwing fists and blinding myself with my hair. It’s a euphoric experience.
The Mutiny, 2428 N Western Ave
9:00 pm / Free / 21+

Haunted Summer / Lala Lala / Deeper / Bon Wrath
The Empty Bottle, 1035 N Western Ave
9:00 pm / $8 / 21+

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