Exclusive: Stream Bleach Party’s “Single Summer”

I have a fictional origin story in my head for the band Bleach Party, modeled after the ersatz John Hughes knockoff high school comedies that proliferated in 1980s cinema. One day in detention, four bored nerds commiserate about they don’t have dates for the upcoming prom, because only popular kids get asked out. “What we need to do is figure out a way to be popular.” Meg notices Kaylee drumming on a Trapper Keeper with a gnawed pencil, and an idea is born.

Following an action-packed monologue of band practice, cymbals being broken, hair being teased, make-up being applied, pizza being eaten, and fingerless gloves being strapped on, spotlights silhouette a four-piece on the stage of Vince Lombardi High School. Girls in one-shoulder dresses squint through their crispy blonde claw-bangs; who are the super cool rockers floating in the mist of a fog machine?

As they play their first song; the crowd goes wild; corsages are thrown, ruffled shirts are ripped off, and the janitor and the math teacher french under the bleachers. Finally the flood lights are thrown, and the students recognize the band that’s melting their faces off as the dweebs they cut in front of in the lunchline last week. Now they’re the most popular kids in school!

Ok, so, maybe that’s not actually how this song came into being. All the same, you should don a confection of taffeta, satin, and poofy sleeves and come party with Bleach Party this Saturday at Young Camelot. Make sure to keep an eye out for the rest of their EP, which will be released sometime this fall.


Meat Wave, ShowYouSuck, VAYA, secret guest
Young Camelot
Sat, August 22, 9pm/ $5 / 18+

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