War on Christmas Fest


This weekend, HoZac Records is teaming up with DIY space Young Camelot to bring you War on Christmas Fest, a benefit for Chicago Coalition for the Homeless and Greater Chicago Food Depository.

This fest is shaping up to the twinkling star of the holiday season, with two days of stacked line-ups, and higher goals than simple lagered abandon. The $7 ticket price per night is dropped down to $5 if you show up with a canned good, pack of socks, box of tampons, jar of peanut butter, box of pasta, etc.

Each night kicks off at 9pm at Young Camelot. Ask a your local bell-ringer with a mohawk under their Santa cap for the address.

Friday, December 11


Heavy Times, Indonesian Junk, MAMA, Endless Column, American Breakfast

Don’t chintz out and bring some ancient canned straw mushrooms rescued from a Cold War bomb shelter. Spring for a box of ultra-absorbency tampons, for all those experiencing Heavy Times.

Saturday, December 12th


The Rubs, Soft Candy, Gross Pointe, The Man, Hawley

War on Christmas Fest continues with an eclectic line-up that includes 60s-pop anachronisms Soft Candy, two flaming tire-fires of garage rock (The Rubs & Grosse Pointe), and The Man’s menacing, no-fucks-given mind-control punk.

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