Sheer Mag, Peach Kelli Pop, Frankie Teardrop Show Review + Preview for Tonight!

We do a lot for you here at SBS; keeping our exhaustive show calendar updated, gently making fun of crappy bands, bravely venturing into the Lone Star filled cesspools of South by Southwest. Yesterday, we decided to leave Chicago for a rare non-tubing-related road trip to see Sheer Mag, Peach Kelli Pop, Frankie Teardrop, and Platinum Boys play Milwaukee in advance of their scheduled shows tonight here in Chicago.

We rolled up to Cocoon Room with bellies full of pimento mac’n’cheese only to confront disaster and horror in the cozy all ages DIY space meets anarcho-queer lending library meets vintage clothing shop I guess. It turns out Sheer Mag’s van broke down on their way from Minneapolis, two hours outside Milwaukee.

Had we driven all this way to not see Sheer Mag? Were they shivering on the side of a road somewhere? Would they, perhaps, play the super-secret-after-show? These thoughts went through our mind as we settled in to see openers Platinum Boys.


Dem Platinum Boys sound like the kind of old school butt rock that you listen to on a shitty radio in your back yard while drinking Miller Lite in a kiddie pool. They kind of remind of a little bit of Chicago wildcats Flesh Panthers in their affinity for classic rock-n-roll unobfuscated by garagey fuzz or having 19 members or whatever gimmick bands are pulling this week. Big ups to drummer Skufca for booking the show!


Minneapolis lofi power poppers Frankie Teardrop write really catchy songs about being an unlovable fuck up with a drug problem who hates yourself? I know that sounds like an incredible bummer but they’re super fun to see live. I’ve been blasting their “Raiders” tape a bunch lately and I guess I’ve seen them like, six times now and never regretted a second. I kind of want to, like, bring them a homecooked meal and give them all hugs next time I see them, though.


PEACH KELLI POP! If there was a soda that tasted like Peach Kelli Pop sounds I’d give up PBR. I know everyone always tries to compare any band with cute babe members to early-90s riot grrl bands which is INFURIATING but PKP really do have a sort of Dressy Bessy/April March kind of jam. If you like The Half Rats, doing the egg roll, doing the cheesecake, or seeing queer representation on stage and you haven’t checked out these sunny poppy cuties yet you’re missing out.

At this point, there was no Sheer Mag, but we dried our tears off and walked over the Bremen Cafe down the street. It’s a Riverwest pub with a little stage in the back, and more importantly…..


GIANT BEERS. This is a liter of Old Milwaukee. It was $5. I love Milwaukee. And Old Milwaukee. Everything Milwaukee-related, I’m into it.

We saw locals The Olives play their second-to-last-show ever. They were appropriately wasted, as befitting the occasion, but their bassist has some really evil surf riffs up her sleeve and someone should snap her up once they break up.

Peach Kelli Pop played another rad set! At some point I pulled cold fried chicken out of my backpack and started eating it in the bar, because I’m wicked classy. Also, at some point I gave Emily half of one of my caffeine pills and she might still be puking. Did you learn nothing from the tribulations of Jessie Spano, Emily???


Unfortunately, Sheer Mag never showed up, so we had to content ourselves with dancing around to Frankie Teardrop a second time. PKP joined the crowd for enthusiastic butt-dancing and piggy back rides. It was a fun sloppy mess, all melting popsicle and sticky candy and giant crappy beers.

Want to experience some of this fun for yourself? Want to ACTUALLY SEE SHEER MAG? Well, they’re on their way to Chicago as we speak, and you have THREE CHANCES to party tonight.

Peach Kelli Pop, The Chips, Skip Church
Bric-a-Brac Records & Collectibles
3156 West Diversey Avenue
5pm / Free / AA / BYOB

Sheer Mag, Muscles Plant, Coneheads, MAMA
Albion Haus
$7 / Starts 8:00-8:30pm

Peach Kelli Pop, Frankie Teardrop, Gross Pointe
Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western Ave Chicago
9pm / Free / 21+

4 responses to “Sheer Mag, Peach Kelli Pop, Frankie Teardrop Show Review + Preview for Tonight!

  1. this is a great writeup, and now I’m going to try to get my shit done early enough so I can go to the Bottle show.


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