Friday Agenda: Get Bitten by A Giant Dog


Did Emily’s hilarious posts recapping her trip to “Sob by Sobwest” get you longing for some Texas vibes in your own life? Are you making breakfast tacos every morning out of scrambled eggs and Taco Bell Fire Sauce packets, gently wiping away tears with a “Keep Austin Beered” tshirt?

Well, bless your heart, darling. No need to blackout on Shiner just yet. Sassy rockers A Giant Dog are here in Chicago, tonight, straight from The Lone Star State, and they’re bringing their fuzzy garage hooks and killer frontwoman Sabrina Ellis.

Listen, I love seeing the same 5 bands of white dudes at every house party and basement show too (do I?) but when it comes to bands that don’t tour that often or play Chicago regularly, I make a a point to leave whatever blanket fort I’m currently ensconced in with my not-giant dog and go shake my booty. Plus, it’s free? Damn, y’all.

Absolutely Not, A Giant Dog, Le Tour, Rat Hammer
Door #3 (Double Door Bsmt)
1572 Milwaukee Avenue
21+ / Free

Not convinced? These locals need love too; there’s no shortage of great shows tonight.

Mike Donner, Burn Permits, Calyx, Bad Dreams, Glad Rags
Auxiliary Art Center, 3012 West Belmont Avenue
7pm / $7

Father John Misty, King Tuff
Ok, Father John Misty is super lame, and this is super expensive, and also sold out? But we love begrudgingly love shaggy folk freak King Tuff.
Vic Theater, 3145 North Sheffield
$25 / 18+

Strawberry Jacuzzi, Paul Cary, Nevada Nevada, The Laureates
The Burlington Bar, 3425 W Fullerton Ave
21+ / Usually like $5 or $7?

Son of a Gun, The Achtungs, Mama
Cole’s Bar, 2338 Milwaukee Avenue
Free / 21+

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