Mean Jeans to Play Township on Thanksgiving

It is just me, or is this site becoming a thinly-veiled cover for The Official Mean Jeans Fan Club? Anyway, we recently heard through the Twitter Grapevine that they were going to stop back through Township on their tour with Kepi Ghoulie, and we wanted to give you plenty of warning so you could phone home and tell your mom not to make as much cranberry sauce this year, since you’ll be too busy partying to come home for dinner.

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Shred Fest Tickets on Sale

We brought you rumors of a new feminist punk fest as soon as they hit our amp-deafened ears; now we’re stoked to say tickets are on sale and a tentative line-up has been announced!

Shred Fest is the lovebaby of She Shreds Magazine, Miss Alex White of White Mystery, and Kelly from Animal Kingdom. It’s going to be an all ages, posi day of workshops, bands, speakers, DJs, and a zine release from Kelly detailing everything she’s learned from years of DIY punk.

More band announcements are on the way, but so far a lot of great local bands have joined the team. There’ll be weirdo lo-fi from two piece The Funs, dark punk fit for alternate universe slumber parties and proms from Swimsuit Addition and Bleach Party, abrasive half-written songs from Lil Tits, sugary jingles from The Lemons, and a lot of fluffy red hair getting thrown around by White Mystery. American Breakfast, Lifestyles, and ex-Vivian-Girls member Cassie Ramone are also playing. Keep your pupils locked to the Facebook event to get updates on the line-up as it develops, and make sure to pick up tickets while they’re still discounted!

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The Yolks, American Breakfast, Spike & The Sweet Spots, The Rubs Play Moe’s Tavern Saturday Night

Last time some local garage bands displaced the usual bluesy Midwest-dad bar bands from divey Moe’s for the night, we drank our way through every keg of PBR, lit shit on fire, and got yelled at by Moe for moshing. Ready to do it all again?

The Yolks are fresh off the release of their recent album Kings of Awesome, a lofi r-n-b homage to Ray Charles. Nathan Johnson (Uh Bones) is a charming frontman, moving back and forth between guitar and organ. With three solid bands backing up the bill it should be a fun night!

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DIY Space Animal Kingdom is Looted; Organizer Kelly Moves onto She Shreds Fest

Kelly Nothing from Animal Kingdom has dealt with cops shutting down shows at Animal Kingdom, lootings, evictions, and thefts. She’s also learned a lot about how to DIY within our humble Chi. She recently emerged on Facebook to dispel rumors about what exactly went down in Animal Kingdom’s last month, and chatted with me at the Tweens in-store at Bric-a-Brac about what’s next. INSIDE: FEMME-CENTRIC PUNK FESTS, ZINES, & FUTURE KELLY PROJECTS

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Buy Max Pelt Tapes & Vinyl / Death to Scumbags

The other night at a show at Wally’s World, local scene fixture Magik Ian had $800 stolen from him. It’s always super depressing when someone opens up their home as an underground venue and scumbags choose to take advantage of them. Ian’s friends are calling on everyone to buy recordings from Ian’s label Maximum Pelt to help offset the loss.

If you’re looking for recommendations, that Midwaste tape from Vamos fucken slays. Very cocky strutting trash-glam rock that doesn’t need to resort to art punk abrasiveness to keep things cut-throat. Go buy some tapes for a good cause, ya jerkwads! OPEN LETTER INSIDE TO THE COMMUNITY INSIDE

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Joe Steinhardt Calls Out Peers for Working with Sexist/Racist/Homophobic Punk Bands

Joe Steinhardt, cofounder of Don Giovanni, a label most well-known for signing bands like Waxahatchee, Screaming Females, and The Ergs! recently published a Facebook post challenging “two labels, Recess Records and Asian Man Records to completely disassociate with sexist, racist, and homophobic punk bands like The Queers and Screeching Weasel.”

The call-out was likely inspired by a recent Facebook post made by Joe Queer, lead singer of The Queers, calling the murderer of unarmed teenager Michael Brown Officer Darren Wilson “a man of peace in a world of mayhem” and linking to a fundraiser that many have likened to a bounty or reward for the racist killing. Ben Weasel jumped into the comment fray with his usual “punk singers are supposed to offend you, go listen to some band I don’t like if you don’t like it, weak sheeple diaper babies” free-speech-means-no-one-is-allowed-to-disagree-with-me schtick, which which not received kindly given his track record. MORE REASONS WHY BEN WEASEL IS A PIECE OF SHIT AND RECORD LABEL INFIGHTING INSIDE

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WEEKLY AGENDA: Tuesday 8/27 to Saturday 8/30

You guys, I don’t know how to feel about Door #3, the faux-DIY venue beneath Double Door. On one hand, it’s nice to see shows in a low-key atmosphere with cans of cheap beer that doesn’t smell like dirty feet soaking in a festering Blatz swamp. On the other hand, it’s fucked up for a major douchebag Wicker Park venue to co-opt DIY aesthetics and integrity. Should we go see Slushy, The Jollys, and Grosse Pointe there on Thursday anyway? Which do we care about more, punk rock purity or having a fun time? THE ANSWER TO THESE QUESTIONS AND YOUR AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK INSIDE

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Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts: Inspiration for Lil Punks

How many little punks got their start sipping on a suicide and making up songs about killing the teacher? Playground Jungle charts the folk progress of naughty playground rhymes, like how Jingle Bells evolved into Batman Smells.

Other topics include the dangers of sipping cider through a straw, the filthy lyrics behind the Miss Suzie rhyme you patty-caked to, the nauseating side effects of Comet, the similarity of psychedelic Beatles lyrics to a gross-out British nursery rhyme, the musical properties of beans, and what’s really going on on top of Old Smokey. There’s even a surprising number of 1950s playground songs about lesbians for the little queercore punks.

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Chic-A-Go-Go Taping Saturday 8/23 with The Holy Motors, Sonny Knight, Snake Island

Chic-A-Go-Go is a bizarre Chicago institution, a public access dance party on Channel 19 (CAN TV). Jake Austen, the music historian behind Rocktober, booker for Promontory and all-around amazing dude, hosts a studio taping full of local bands, little kids, and partyin’ puppets. It’s a fun, free, positive time for everyone; and it’s kind of cool to see bands sober in the middle of the day with a bunch of dancing toddlers, hipster parents, and sleepy rockers. INSIDE: TAPING DETAILS & OUR FAVORITE CHIC-A-GO-GO-PERFORMANCES

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